Why It Is Weak to Be Predictable

The routines you’re living your life with make you predictable. Depending on how closely you follow the various routines that you live your life by, you can become an easy target for deception. It is generally believed that following a set routine is a net positive. However, if you constantly find yourself in a competitive […]

Why Petting Dogs Makes People Like You

Some people are careful in allowing others into their lives. Negative experiences dictate how careful we are in interacting with people who fit the patterns we’ve determined to be dangerous. Perhaps they’re afraid of being lied to, being tricked, and being played. You can’t guess which negative experiences dictate how careful someone is letting you […]

How to Kindly Reject Help from Someone

Though life isn’t exactly full of them, you’ll come across some incredibly kind people on the way toward your goals. Friends you make whilst traveling will let you stay at their place for a couple of nights, after your flight back home gets canceled. Some, will come to the rescue when your engine fails on […]

How to Deal With an Angry Mob / Group

Once you attain large enough influence in life, every action you commit will be subject to public scrutiny. The tips you’ll read in this article are unsurprising by nature. However, these fundamentals are difficult to master, and you should attempt to strictly abide to these simple processes of mitigating things gone awry. You may be a […]

How to Utilize Expectations as a Method of Control

There may have been instances growing up when your parents weren’t as supportive of your interests as they could have been. For many kids, these moments are heart-breaking and are the first inklings of the lonely nature of the life we live. If we couldn’t attain our own parents’ support, then whose support would we […]

Why It’s Strategic to Downplay Your Experience

One of life’s more interesting scenarios to analyze is someone answering a question akin to, “Have you done this before?” To the ignorance of the one answering, their answer can set the tune for how their interactions play out in the long run. Pride is a difficult thing to curb. Walking into a boxing class […]

Why You Shouldn’t Alienate People When You Criticize Them

A common mistake people make while delivering criticism is serving to alienate the person they are critiquing. Making the people you criticize feel alone in a puddle of their mistakes is not an effective way of teaching a lesson. Allowing someone to feel alone with their mistakes discourages them from making the changes needed to move […]