Why Being Average Is Good

People think and act in diverging ways. The fact is that most are average, do average things, and achieve average results in life. However, people within the bell curve will often strive to get out of it. They will seek motivation, work hard, and kill themselves to prove that they are not average. Kids are taught to be above average in their academic achievement. It is human nature to stand out from the crowd and be known to others. However, in the journey to become extraordinary, the target on your back will become larger. Much like you were once the average person working towards becoming an extraordinary one, there is an army trying to do the same. The more extraordinary you become the brighter the target placed on you becomes. It will grow brighter until it attracts the one who can hit its bulls-eye. This bulls-eye will be the end of your extraordinary ventures, and you will be replaced by another even more extraordinary being.

Whether or not your extraordinary reign is worth it is up to you. One thing to keep in mind is that the desire to show off your achievements needs to be suppressed at all cost. The path to victory is to prove only to yourself that you are an extraordinary being, while being ordinary in the eyes of others. This will ensure that the target of your success does not grow large, and does not attract the starving. Prove to yourself that you are extraordinary without letting anyone else know about it. This will be painful to your ego, but less painful to your reign. The ability to control your desire to let your success be known will save you from a downfall that will take back the success that you have borrowed. Do not give others the ammo of envy to load into their firearms of ambition. When you reach success, merge into groups of the average and underachieving. Gather information and control the field from within, your focus will be unhindered and your date of downfall will keep being postponed.

The illusion of power being held by those who stand out is a self-fulfilling prophecy to the downfall of those who wield it. Becoming an easy target is the last thing those with any power worthy of possessing, are looking to be. The power that is worth having is worth protecting. Becoming an easy target is poor at protecting any power that you gain. But why do humans often fall into the trappings that fame and notoriety bring about? We don’t have a direct answer to this question, psychologists may take the id, ego, and superego approach to explaining this desire, while evolutionary biologists may resort to Darwin’s theories for an explanation. However, it is safe to say that we carry these desires with us in our DNA. The origin of the desire to be powerful and to let others know about it may be explained, but what’s still a mystery, is how (if at all) it is beneficial in our world today.

This article makes the opposing argument, in that one’s power being public information is not only dangerous but will bring about negative results to those who boast it. 

Book Recommendation: 

Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life

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