Why Your Quest to Find Meaning Will Turn Up Short

While measuring life with your certain set of tools, do not expect to fully comprehend it. You are a very small piece inside this enormous puzzle. You will always find a corner, and discover another caveat.  It is in your DNA. Understand it, bask in it, and let it overtake you. Let it scare you … Read more

Why No One Cares How Hard You Work (Until You Achieve Your Goals)

Most of us have experienced listening to people preface their commentary with something along lines of, “I’m not trying to place blame on anyone but…” In an effort to save face, people sometimes try to soften their painful commentary with prefaces such as the one above. They perceive themselves as remaining innocent while delivering some … Read more

Why There Is No Winning When on a Quest for Peace

You’ll find yourself in positions of defending others in life. Your friends will find themselves in altercative situations, your elderly parents will have their parking spot stolen, and your kids will be bullied at school. As someone who strives to become a leader in the community you foster and propel toward growth, you’ll be looked … Read more

How to Ensure Your Reactions Aren’t Detrimental

The “eye for an eye” retaliation approach quickly leads toward mutual assured destruction. The advancement of technology in the military sense has produced clear examples of the effects certain human decisions are capable of producing. A clear path toward our own destruction as well as the destruction of our enemies is often evident. Whether we … Read more

Why You Should Analyze Live Performances

Navigating through life requires you to perform on the different stages that comprise it. You will need to be at your best during many moments in life, and you must learn how to be a good performer. To perform is to execute a planned action in flawless fashion, minimizing mistakes and maximizing the impact of … Read more

How You Can Improve from Others’ Mistakes

When others’ efforts have the potential to affect your success in any way, you want to make sure they don’t screw up. You can hire someone to paint your fence, assign a subordinate to write a report, or share responsibility with a partner at school. We depend on others a lot more than we care to … Read more

Why You’re Reading Your Own Thoughts Right Now

Disclaimer: This article is about putting yourself in others’ shoes, not an advocacy for the degradation of your mental health. Treating others how you want to be treated is a powerful philosophy. The train this general thought deploys, arrives at discovering life’s constant search for balance. We rest when we are tired and eat when we … Read more

Why You Should Race Toward the Details

While on the quest to cross things off your to-do list, details matter. Details entail the issues you desperately don’t want to discover, as well as the path toward solving those issues in an efficient way. This article will focus on why details matter when interacting with those around you. The success of conversations you … Read more