How to Handle Those Who Discredit What You Like

Awkward moments arise when someone makes fun of, or discredits, a thing which you enjoy. Your circle of friends may begin vocally trashing a new song whilst not knowing that you quite like it. Without knowing your position on the matter, your significant other may vehemently exclaim their disdain for a certain politician or controversial … Read more

Why Predicting Others’ Behavior Starts With You

With every action you take and word you say towards another person, a reaction is to be expected. The reactions that those around you have to the things you do will vary in how they’re shown. The reaction someone has to something you say can be an internal reaction, perhaps just mentally marking a trait … Read more

Why You Should Be Careful on Your Quest for Influence

The topic of power and influence tends to attract the narcissistic and sociopathic at first glance. The individuals who sail shallow seas only read the headlines and always have the most to say. They need things simplified, short, and easily digestible. They view challenges to their patterns of thinking as trivialities to avoid. To them, … Read more

How to Practically Filter for Useful Information

Information can be used to control us, suppress us, and to misdirect us. Information can be key to attaining power, and misinformation can be the trigger to losing it. Information does not come labelled and sorted for us. We seldom know if the information we take in is beneficial to our goals or detrimental to … Read more

How People Manipulate You by Making You Regret 

There’s something about the dark which pulls out feelings we’re numb to during the day. As your monitor lights up your face in the dark room you sit in before getting into bed, you can sometimes get lost in thinking about the state of your social relationships and the progress of your plans.  The nighttime’s … Read more