Why You Should Confront Every Doubt (in Yourself and Others)

Disclaimer: What’s written below is meant to be motivational in nature. It provides little in actionable advice. Navigating through the nuance of human interaction requires uninterrupted attention to detail. Intuition will play a large factor in how you choose to react to others. Two people can say the exact same words in two very different ways. … Read more

Why You Should Thoroughly Analyze Your Own Interests

In attempts to know what people want during a particular moment in time, you should first aim to understand what you would want in that situation yourself. The obvious way to do that, would be to, “put yourself in someone else’s shoes;” a notion which can be extended to mean: an effort to become the person you … Read more

How to Make It Easy to Own Up to Your Mistakes

This article is about the personal benefits you derive from being lenient in the face of others’ mistakes. What It Means to Own a Mistake Owning a mistake can only follow a recognition that it first exists. Ownership of a mistake preps the mind for resolving any issue brought upon by that mistake by assuming … Read more

Why You Should Quickly Act on Extrinsic Motivation

Your motivation levels fluctuate throughout your day, as well as your life. There are times in your life when you were, and will be, supremely motivated to take positive action. These feelings are rare, and give you a level of confidence for getting work done. Especially when dealing with extrinsic motivation, you’ll find that the feeling … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Complain About Being Busy

You may find yourself neck-deep in looming tasks that need to be done. Whether in your professional or personal life, you will need to prioritize things which hold higher importance over those which can wait to be done later. In your efforts to prioritize, you will need to reject, decline, and postpone invitations from others. Whether it … Read more

How to Use Death to Your Advantage

The words below are subject to interpretation and deal with a vast, personal, topic of self development. It thereby makes sense to clearly state what this article is about from the get-go. The thorough contemplation of your own death can aid you to: Limit procrastination Develop an unwavering desire to give to others You’ll read … Read more

How To Find Meaning Amidst Perpetually Shallow Interactions and Experiences

Those itching for deeper conversations and more meaningful experiences seldom find their itch. An outlook that labels everyday life shallow and meaningless tends to suffer from always upping the ante, yet perpetually failing to reach a desired destination. Having seemingly scratched every possible location, the itch remains. Observing behavior online can encourage you to notice … Read more