Why You Should Cater to Cultural Norms

The most popular fast food chains near you likely have franchises open internationally. Once a fast food chain opens up shop in another country, their menu often slightly differs. You’ll notice that they begin catering to cultural cuisine perhaps, or simply local preference. Those strategically managing a brand’s expansion into international territory make a conscious … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Harsh in Dismissing Unfounded Claims as a Skeptic

Pioneer “Flat Earthers” managed to sway the minds of seemingly healthy-minded individuals by clinging to a never-ending stream of ignorant questions and denials. Their outright denials of completely solid and well-founded evidence is an unnerving thing to observe.  We are reminded of how susceptible people are to being influenced in their behavior and thought as … Read more

Why You Should Label People to Be Early Fans of Good Things

You’ve likely heard people publicize the fact that they were fans of a popular musical artist before that artist went mainstream. Prior to all the radio plays and the fixation of fickle recent fans, this particular individual was there through the thick and thin. They not only know every song on every album, they can … Read more

How to Influence Group Behavior in a Practical Manner

When you are in a position of power over groups of people, you have the ability to influence their behavior. Whether you influence the behavior of groups in a positive direction is up to you to morally come to terms with. However, the rules and tools with which group behavior is altered tend to not … Read more

Why They’ll Listen Less the More You Sing

You’ll learn many truths on your journey to expand your knowledge. Truth often feels like growth, and sometimes serves to alleviate the various pains of daily life. You’ll learn hard lessons which are brought on by making mistakes. You’ll hurt others on your way to truth, and perhaps you’ll hurt yourself. Upon discovering your truths, you’ll … Read more

How to Encourage Others to Try New Things

Talking people into trying something new is hard work. Sometimes, trying something new is a process of breaking some identifies you’ve considered yourself to be labeled by. A person who’s considered themselves to be afraid of large bodies of open water is not likely to dive off a 20-foot cliff into the Mediterranean sea. The … Read more

Why You Should Say Which One You Like More, Not Which One You Dislike

Understanding life entails making constant comparisons. There can’t be a definition of good without an understanding of evil. A palm tree is difficult to describe without comparing it to trees your audience has already seen. A peach is somewhere between an apple and a plum. Music is somewhere between piercing noise and numbing silence. You … Read more

How Cursing and Being Brash Can Increase Your Influence

The issue with conforming to normal behavior is that the majority are conforming to it as well. When you make a habit out of consistently being politically correct, you by nature stand out less than the brash people around you. The effects of being bold, loud, and potty-mouthed are perceived differently depending on the setting … Read more

How to Entice People to Want to Help You

Your goals are difficult to achieve without genuine and kind help from others along the way. Our faith in humanity is propelled by people who spend their time and energy to improve a situation that the less privileged find themselves in. All people are capable of being kind, but kindness is buried deep within some. … Read more