Why You Should Encourage Others to Give Out Compliments

Giving out compliments is an effective way to make people like you.

As long as you don’t overdo the act, showing appreciation by way of complimenting someone will encourage people to want to be around you. It will encourage them to be responsive for when you need their assistance, and will serve to make them trust you more. Compliments are powerful, and you should never shy away from voicing them when you genuinely feel complimentary toward another.

This article is about encouraging those around you to give out compliments of their own.

The people you’re surrounded by will have their own opinions about other people in their lives. You may have mutual friends with people you surround yourself with, and encouraging compliments to be directed at mutual friends will make you a more like-able person. As a facilitator of positive feedback such as a compliment, you’ll serve to develop a powerful reputation. By giving someone an opportunity to voice compliments about a third person, that third person will in turn have feelings of gratitude toward you.


Encouraging Person A to Compliment Person B Will Make Person B Like You

A compliment which comes from one individual can be demoted to a matter of opinion. Though you may see success complimenting someone by yourself, encouraging another person to compliment them as well will make those words more powerful. Trust the fact that news about your encouragement of others’ complimentary words will travel down to the complemented person in question. We live in a world with ears all around, and eyes in every corner. Just like finding out about gossip regarding you, complimentary words also tend to find their way to the person in question. We hear about our crush finding us cute, or our boss not being impressed with our performance when we slept in and came in late. Even if someone does not explicitly tell us their words of disappointment or approval, we tend to hear them through other means.

Utilize humans’ tendency to gossip and spread the word of you serving to encourage complimentary words from others. The people you encourage to compliment others will yearn for their compliments to be heard. Their words will reach those they’ve complimented, and further inquiry will expose the fact that you were associated with those positive words. Encouraging others to compliment a third party is a perfect way to encourage that third party to like you without explicitly voicing your appreciation of them. This is important when political factors are at play, and when complimenting this third party yourself would not bode well for your reputation.

Especially if there is an audience present, always encourage the ones you’re speaking with to compliment people who aren’t in the room with you. Do this by bringing up their positive traits and behaviors, and by fixing onto actions they’ve committed which are worthy of positive affirmation.


The Reputation of Being a Source of Positive Dialogue

The goal of encouraging those around you to compliment people who aren’t in the room, is to first make yourself like-able, and second, to develop a reputation of being a source of positive dialogue. Being a source of positive dialogue will encourage others to come to you for positive feedback. Whether it is advice, or simply a positive outlook on a certain situation, being known as someone who encourages people to be kind will attract those who seek to experience kindness in others and more importantly, in themselves. The reputation of being a source of positive dialogue will open your ears up to more information, as people will be less willing to hide important things from you. Your reputation for being a source of positive dialogue will give others the confidence to speak with you about things which may not be positive in nature. They’ll know that you won’t encourage those around you to speak ill of the information that you hear, and that you can be trusted to spread positive dialogue about any news which you receive.

Encouraging the ones around you to be complementary rather than demeaning serves to make you good at keeping secrets. People will be able to show you their true, unfiltered, selves without fearing that you’ll engage in gossip about them when they’re not around. They’ll trust the fact that their reputation is safe in your hands, and will be confident in allowing you to spin their reputation for the better. You’ll become trusted as a handler of others’ reputations, which is a powerful position to hold in life.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.