Why Teasing (Seduction) Is a Crucial Part of Teaching

You’ll look for ways to improve the methods by which you teach as you transition from being a pupil, child, or subordinate towards being a teacher, parent, or leader. While riding the aging process none have yet escaped, we begin thinking about how we make our mark on the world that taught us all we … Read more

How to Dissuade, When Encouragement Fails

Your attempts to change behavior through methods of encouragement will sometimes fail. Those around us can have a difficult time understanding why a certain course of action is beneficial to their cause. Smokers know that cigarettes will be a likely catalyst to their early death, and people who don’t exercise tend to know the benefits … Read more

How to Discourage Extreme Partisanship

The word “partisanship” is often used to represent someone’s tendency to ruthlessly subscribe to a particular political belief. In the context of this article however, it will be used to describe those who simply engage in any ideological battle, without politics being a focal point. Extreme partisanship can lead to thoughtless action. Partisan ideologies make … Read more

How to Grow Ideas Into Behavior Change – The Plant Metaphor

The title of this article may attract people with malicious intentions. Therefore a disclaimer is warranted: This article is written solely for the spread of positive thinking. Let’s get started. A simple way of giving birth to ideas in people’s minds, and enticing them to behave in a certain way, is to keep the metaphor … Read more

Why You Should Treat Subordinates As Peers

Clear distinction of the roles people hold as part of an organization is important to establish. This distinction will lead to efficient prioritization of issues and ensure proper task allocation. The people who you lead must know what their clear responsibilities are. It will lessen confusion and develop a sense of ownership. This write-up aims … Read more

How To Rise by Raising Others

You’ve likely been encouraged to give credit when credit is due once or twice. The positive effects of a decision to prop someone up – giving them their deserved compliments and praise – may be familiar to you. Believing in the benefits which guide this advice and infusing our actions with it is not easy … Read more

Why You Should Treat Superiority as a Privilege

You work hard to get to the position you see yourself achieving. Whether that position involves leading the team which you were once a member of, or getting hired as a head of an organization, rising up in professional ranking takes committed hard work. Achieving what we work hard for is a pleasant feeling. We … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Be Quick to Use Commanding Statements

You’ll find yourself in a position of being in charge of leading others. You can be given the responsibility to lead the effort of replacing the floors in your home, after being labelled the best handyman around. You can be assigned the responsibility to lead a work-group at the office, since the work at hand … Read more

How to Discourage Secretive Behavior From Members of Your Family / Team

The act of discovering trusted individuals around you to be partaking in secretive behavior which you’re not privy to is sometimes painful. Our relationships with others often come with unwritten rules as to what we’re preferably obligated to know about them. When someone disturbs the balance of such assumed rules of secrecy (or lack thereof) … Read more