How to Be Taken Seriously by Those Who Fail to Consider Your Input

The feeling of not being heard by those around you is demotivating, lonesome, and depressing. People get caught up in their habits, and their habits may include ignoring those who come to them with new ideas. The fresh takes you have on life will be ignored by those who get stuck in their old ways. You’ll … Read more

How to Discourage People From Exploiting Favors You Do for Them

It feels good to do someone a favor once in a while. We feel a sense of altruism, and perhaps increase our, “hope for humanity,” through taking kind action ourselves. You may even subscribe to a deeper meaning in your desire to help others, and doing so can become a part of your identity. What … Read more

How You Can Learn From the Enemies of Society

It may be a bit hard to believe, but not a lot differentiates you from the worst humans to have ever lived. You never know what you would do, say, and plan if you were in the same exact position as another. The fact that you could’ve turned out to be a murderer, dictator, or a … Read more

Why Being Respected is Better Than Being Well-Liked

Being liked and being respected are two different traits which many people confuse with one another. If you seem to be well-liked by those around you, it does not equate to you being respected. Respect is by nature surrounded by hints of positive envy. We respect those who do what we cannot yet do. As … Read more

Why Attacking the Person Behind an Argument Is an Automatic Loss

You’ve likely seen arguments turn sour by way of ad hominem attacks. Once a personal remark is made, it’s difficult to steer the disagreement back to focusing on the topic at hand and not on the people who are presenting their respective arguments. To those who watch, a disagreement is difficult to follow when personal … Read more

Why Having the Right “Enemies” Can Benefit You

This article aims to hit on two things surrounding the subject of adopting enemies in order to further yourself toward your goals. The word, “enemies,” will be used to represent those who serve to oppose someone else’s personal desires / needs in a forceful manner. The desires / needs they oppose can be related to business, politics, … Read more

Why There Are Pitfalls to Reintroducing Yourself After an Absence

As you move up in age, you grow likelier to experience the fizzling out of a friendship or two. The Re-ignition The moment you realize a friendship to be descending in its intensity is a poignant one. That moment signifies that the natural process of change dictates you to no longer be compatible with someone … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Brag About Your Big Numbers

If you’ve ever witnessed someone begin their dialogue about their vacation and end it about how many emails they’ve got waiting for them at work as a result, then you know what this article will be about. People have a fascination with publicizing the big numbers associated with their lives. We like to mention how … Read more