How You Can Learn From the Enemies of Society

It may be a bit hard to believe, but not a lot differentiates you from the worst humans to have ever lived.

You never know what you would do, say, and plan if you were in the same exact position as another. The fact that you could’ve turned out to be a murderer, dictator, or a slave master should scare you but also teach you a lesson or two. Take the approach of finding positives and learning from them in life, as even the most absurd, disturbing corners of history contained lessons to be learned by all.

The subject of influence is relevant when analyzing the enemies of society. We will not be naming anyone by name, but you surely have a list of bad people in history stored in memory. Think of all the prolific dictators, murderers, cheats, and general madmen. Their effectiveness in the paths they chose greatly depended on attaining widespread influence. Whether this relates to making it to the top leadership position in government, or in lying to people so effectively that their crimes remained covered up. Influence is something very bad people tend to master, and there are lessons that you can learn from their utilization of influence for the purpose of egregious actions.

Nothing and Nobody Goes Unchecked 

In their efforts to attain the goals that they set for themselves, the biggest enemies of society become masters in mapping out and checking every single variable in the equation of their choosing. In order to become influential, one needs to be in tune with the vast variables that they need to control. The worst people to have existed on Earth were not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. Their intellect was misguided, but they may have even been geniuses in specific facets of human intelligence. In order to be master manipulators, bad people have to be in tune with every action, thought, and tendency of those around them. They need to know what the reactions of others will be to everything that they say and do. Then they need to plan for those reactions, and control them enough to not let their own goals be derailed by others.

Take with you the lesson of checking things over and being in tune with all variables in your equation. Everything you say, do, and think will have consequences. Controlling the interpretation of other people to things that you do involves first predicting and understanding their reactions. Keep tabs on the tendencies of everybody around you, and be very in-tune with how each one of your actions helps propagate your success towards achieving your goals.

Have a killer instinct around making your goals bulletproof, and be in tune with every single variable that may hinder progress towards your goals. Squash those variables with an intensity of a violent dictator, but make sure your overall goal is good in nature. Be a killer with things that slow down your progression towards affecting the world around you in a positive manner. You need to discover the things slowing you down, map them out in an effort to understand their intensity, and get rid of them at once.

No Quit

The most successful enemies of society were in the game for life. Whether that means their death came early, or they achieved a life filled with what they interpreted as success – they had a tendency to be fully committed to their motives.

Learn that this mindset is required for anything that you want to do with success. You need to be comfortable in letting go of everything, including your life, to achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself. We are not encouraging you to leave your family and quit your job to make your dreams come true, but ask yourself what you would do if put in that position. Be willing to sacrifice more than your competitors to win. 

People who commit murder are killers for the rest of their lives, and the ones who get away with murder cannot rest. They have placed themselves in a position of not being able to just walk away from their prior actions, and thereby have no quit inside them. That mindset is difficult to achieve without being forced into it, and even more difficult to pull off.

Ask yourself how easily you will quit while working on your goals once the right external factors present themselves. What will it take to make you quit? Would losing your primary income make you quit working on your side business? How many laps around the track would make you stop running? How much quit do you have in you?

Having that resistance against any form of quitting is primarily controlled by your mind, and the minds of the enemies of society have developed that resistance to be strong. Practice not quitting, both psychologically, physically, and intellectually. Practice being committed to your cause, and have a killer instinct toward tasks that need to be done to make your dream a reality. 

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.