Why You Shouldn’t Ask Onlookers to Back Up Your Opinion

Picture yourself witnessing a heated debate between two acquaintances. As the conversation rages onward, their disagreement seems to keep swelling. Feelings are getting involved, and both people fear their opinion being labelled as wrong by others. In your comfortable state of being an objective onlooker, you’re free to think what you want of the disagreement … Read more

How to Take Risky Actions Properly

Traits like courageousness and bravery are either acquired or learned by a select few. If a person lives a life filled with authentic lessons of courage and bravery, then they understand what it means to turn thought into action. Many live comfortable lives commuting to work during the day and running errands around their professional schedule. Though … Read more

Why You Should Notice, but Not Expose, Others’ Mental Weaknesses

Much like developing a muscular, athletic, strong body, the development of our mental strength shines light on weaknesses in others. Once you focus on strengthening your legs, and developing the size of your arms, you’ll begin to notice just how weak others’ legs, and small their arms, tend to be. You’ll realize that people tend … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Explain Why You’re Helping Someone

A subtle trap that kind people get caught in, is one of voicing why they’ve decided to help another person out. You may have tried your hand at helping someone in the past, only for them to reject your help with overwhelming humility. The reasons they voice, all seem to hint on them not deserving … Read more

Why Being Average Is Good

People think and act in diverging ways. The fact is that most are average, do average things, and achieve average results in life. However, people within the bell curve will often strive to get out of it. They will seek out motivation, work hard, and stress themselves to prove that they are not average. Students … Read more

Why Some Millionaires Drive Cheap Cars

The concept of remaining frugal in light of achieving financial freedom is not new. Frugality is coupled with humility. People consider the rich person who lives frugally to have discovered a sense of understanding which not many rich people do. They’re considered to be winning the battle against their ego, and are seen as properly aligned … Read more

How to Recognize Subtle Signs of a Victim Mentality

A sense of victimhood is an interesting tool of influence. Rather than using legitimate victimhood to gain others’ help or sympathy, there are some who use an embellished sort of victimhood as a weapon in a war for attention. In their perception, the attention that playing the victim garners can be used to benefit their … Read more

Why You Should Listen to Advice Offered by the Uneducated and Ignorant

This article introduces a perspective of self-improvement to remember when listening to blatantly incorrect advice from the ignorant. Listening to advice you’ve heard already is an exercise of refraining from cutting off the speaking individual. Especially on matters important to you and trivial to those spewing superficial advice your way, the extent – or lack … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Smile in Every Photo

This article’s title is meant to be a metaphor for doing or saying something so often, that it loses meaning. Specifically, it hints at not over-utilizing techniques of persuading people. You likely know individuals who are so focused on being charismatic, that their charisma begins to lose its potency to those who know them well. We … Read more

Why Giving Nicknames Is an Effective Method of Control

Nicknames are fun. In your childhood years, you may have had a nickname which others used to communicate with, and about, you. People who know our nicknames are typically regarded as closer in relation than people who do not. Knowing and using your friend’s nickname in everyday interactions signifies a closeness which is difficult to … Read more