Why You Shouldn’t Be Quick to Use Commanding Statements

You’ll find yourself in a position of being in charge of leading others. You can be given the responsibility to lead the effort of replacing the floors in your home, after being labelled the best handyman around. You can be assigned the responsibility to lead a work-group at the office, since the work at hand … Read more

How to Discourage Secretive Behavior From Members of Your Family / Team

The act of discovering trusted individuals around you to be partaking in secretive behavior which you’re not privy to is sometimes painful. Our relationships with others often come with unwritten rules as to what we’re preferably obligated to know about them. When someone disturbs the balance of such assumed rules of secrecy (or lack thereof) … Read more

How To Avoid the Dangerously Ignorant Defensively Doubling Down

This article is about discouraging the ignorant from becoming arrogant. Ignorance is easy to mistake for malice. Those who make mistakes due to ignorance are tricky subjects to communicate with as it is required they be educated first, then corrected. Should you label what they wholeheartedly think is correct as wrong prior to educating them, … Read more

How to Console Someone Receiving Harsh, but True, Criticism

Your friends aren’t perfect. They’re bound to make some mistakes while doing the work they do and going on the ventures they go on. Your friends will sometimes embarrass themselves even; they’ll take a chance at doing something great only to fall short in their attempts. You’ll find yourself wanting to console those close to … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Employees’ Displeasure

This article was motivated by advice given to an IT project manager breaking bad news to their team. The piece of bad news was that a project’s go-live was coming up, and in the month leading toward the day of go-live, all members of the project team would be required to work 60-hour weeks (legal … Read more

How to Make Your Reminders Subtle and Effective

When asking others for a favor, or to complete a task, there may come a time to remind them to do the things you’ve asked of them. You may be an office manager trying to get your team on track, or find yourself needing to remind your significant other that they’ve left the water boiling … Read more

How to Tell an Expert Apart From a Phoney

Each one of us has points of focus within their day. Some of us write, some of us read, some of us do house chores, and some meditate. Each person reading this article has something they’re better at than the rest. The differences in skill level may be marginal or may be drastic. There may … Read more

How to Utilize Expectations as a Method of Control

There may have been instances growing up when your parents weren’t as supportive of your interests as they could have been. For many kids, these moments are heart-breaking and are the first inklings of the lonely nature of the life we live. If we couldn’t attain our own parents’ support, then whose support would we … Read more