Why Tough Times Form Better Friendships

We typically try to veer away from struggle of any kind. Any sane individual values the comfortable moments of life. The evening at the office during which you cross the last item off your daily list of to-dos, is joyous. As you get into your car to drive on home, something catches your attention: the gas … Read more

How to Make a Third Party Agree With You on a Disagreement

Peaceful disagreements which warrant the judgment of a third party are common occurrences. You’ll often need a third opinion when attempting to break ties between decisions on where to eat, and what to watch.  As soon as a third party enters the picture, the context of the social interaction alters.  The tie between ideas is … Read more

Why You Should Cater to Cultural Norms

The most popular fast food chains near you likely have franchises open internationally. Once a fast food chain opens up shop in another country, their menu often slightly differs. You’ll notice that they begin catering to cultural cuisine perhaps, or simply local preference. Those strategically managing a brand’s expansion into international territory make a conscious … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Harsh in Dismissing Unfounded Claims as a Skeptic

Pioneer “Flat Earthers” managed to sway the minds of seemingly healthy-minded individuals by clinging to a never-ending stream of ignorant questions and denials. Their outright denials of completely solid and well-founded evidence is an unnerving thing to observe.  We are reminded of how susceptible people are to being influenced in their behavior and thought as … Read more

Why You Should Label People to Be Early Fans of Good Things

You’ve likely heard people publicize the fact that they were fans of a popular musical artist before that artist went mainstream. Prior to all the radio plays and the fixation of fickle recent fans, this particular individual was there through the thick and thin. They not only know every song on every album, they can … Read more

Why You Should Talk About Dreams With Strangers

Information about the dreams we dream at night is insight that often stays private. Sometimes, our dreams contain information which we protect from others’ judgment or for the sake of preserving of our pride. We see our dreams as uncontrollable instances in our day; a view which births a sort of fear that surrounds the … Read more