How Cursing and Being Brash Can Increase Your Influence

The issue with conforming to normal behavior is that everyone else is conforming to it as well. When you are being politically correct, you by nature stand out less than the brash people around you. Being brash and going against the norm will typically cause you to stand out in a negative light rather than playing to your benefit. The decision to stand out from the crowd is therefore plagued by this dilemma. Do you conform to normality and the typical way of delivering your ideas and risk not being heard? Or do you forcefully stand out from the crown and risk being ignored?

Attention Without the Backlash

The answer to that dilemma lies somewhere in between. Being brash plays to one’s advantage when they have a proven track record of being diplomatic and politically correct. Somebody like the Pope cursing will draw your attention much more effectively than a person who is known for cursing and being brash on a regular basis. If you want to draw the attention of an audience which has overlooked the information that you are presenting into the world, you can use brashness to your advantage. The first step is to be respectable in how you deliver information during your everyday efforts. You must carry a respectful reputation with you if you want to use brashness to your advantage.

When you feel like your ideas demand more attention that they are getting, you can use a colorful choice of vocabulary to draw attention to them. Express your desire to be heard by cursing at a time when it is least expected. If you choose to use brashness, you must double-down on your behavior when questioned. Explain your desire to be heard and how your brashness is merely a ploy to draw the attention required for your ideas to be heard. You must be confident in using curse words, brash language, and general undiplomatic behavior.

Mitigating the Reaction

The reaction you get from your audience will be first met with surprise, then anger, then acceptance if you play your cards right. The initial surprise to brash behavior out of somebody who does not typically act brash is self-explanatory. Anger can follow in a setting where such behavior is strictly looked down upon. The measure of how angry the listening party will react to you being brash is a major point to consider when debating whether or not to act in unprofessional fashion. If you hold your position when your audience’s attention is successfully drawn to you, you will become accepted.

A brash moment on your part can play a large role in winning the battle of attention against your boring, traditional competitors. You may be questioned on your behavior, but if your underlying messages which you are trying to get across are of sound mind, then the arrogant behavior you exhibit to have them heard will be forgiven.

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