Why Marketing Should Not Hold Power Over Truth

In the journey to spread what you create – whether it is a product, idea, or creation – you’ll need market its truth to others. This article is about misleading marketing tactics.

It may be futile to distinguish what exactly makes a marketing campaign dishonest, as long as you understand that truth should hold precedence over all else your product aims to offer. The reason why you shouldn’t oversell is because your product must stem from truth and deliver what you believe truth to be.

Your truth is the summation of all knowledge you’ve attained and hopefully the need to propagate positivity is something you have learned. Humans have a common goodness to uphold, and that cannot be overlooked. Let everything you create be governed by progress towards what you believe truth to be. You’ll always have your personal understanding to fall back on, but your experience through life should consider the truths which others have discovered too.

Maybe truth is itself manifested out of nothing, but marketing should only spread the fact of its existence, not add elements to it which don’t yet exist. The points below attempt to shine a light on the importance of truth in the marketing that you partake in.

Try to represent what you believe to be true about your product in the most prolific way through your marketing techniques, but be honest about what it delivers. The act of being honest with the promises of what you created will improve you as a creator down the road. You will benefit from sticking to the objective truth about your product, and its improvement will not be clouded by any fickle lies.

The Power of Your Truth

If you believe what you say to be the truth, would you feel the need to use a microphone to make your speech a little louder? Your confidence in truth should be enough to be okay with there being nothing to help you spread it. You should be content with all the tools you have to spread your truth, as what is true will inevitably spread in according to its power. If the product you attempt to market is truly beneficial to those who use it, your marketing attempts will be easier to manage. The more your products deviates from truth, the more difficult it will become spread word about it.

Do not place high importance on what marketing can do for your long-term success. Your creations are always the final stop, and their truth will always be unveiled. If you did not test your products against what is true, then you have built on unstable ground. If you aligned your product as close as possible with truth at large, then marketing will be an easy feat. Once you have the confidence of truth backing what you market, then you merely need to spread the fact that your product exists in all it’s glory.

Fear the Potential of Disappointment

Your job in marketing your ideas is primarily to communicate that it is backed by truth. The simplest ways are often best, and the less extra layers to your attempts the better. Get right down to the truth and shine a light on your product as it stands.

Let others judge its value fully without keeping aspects hidden or communicating aspects about it which do not exist. Both of those behaviors serve in dishonest ways, and will cause disappointment when the truth is shown. Do not let the marketing you do create a potential for disappointment, as it is a powerful force against your own success. Disappointment is a driver of action against what is favorable to your product, word will spread, and dishonestly will be punished.

Market what you create by illuminating every aspect of its truth. Your potential customers should always know the good, the bad, the improved, and the yet to be improved aspects of your product. If they subscribe to the truth which you present, your efforts will bring successful. If they do not, you should improve your creation to better align with truth and market it as honestly as you can manage.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.