How To Protect Confidential Information During Conversations


The need to keep information confidential can be rooted in many reasons. There may be information which is dangerous for you to expose, or things which you’re embarrassed to be associated with. You may be acting to protect someone else’s safety and interests, or maybe, just need to wait until the perfect time to unveil certain pieces of information as a surprise. Whatever your reason for keeping secrets may be, keeping information confidential is a skill that can be honed.

How would you react should someone discover information you’re attempting to keep under wraps? How about if someone begins digging a little too deeply into your personal life during conversation? We seldom prepare for the moments which test our ability to keep information confidential in social contexts. These moments should be prepared – and trained – for. They should be visualized in an attempt to hone your ability to withstand the pressures others place on you to reveal information you’ve committed yourself not to.

This document contains pointers to help you prepare for keeping information confidential when the pressure’s on.


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