Why You Should Be Careful Around Others’ Self-Deprecating Jokes

Being comfortable with laughing at yourself (your shortcomings and mistakes), is a beneficial trait to have. It communicates to those around you that you don’t take yourself too seriously. As others laugh at your expense, they counter-intuitively grow to like you a little bit more. They see you as imperfect, therefore making their own lives feel just a little bit more perfect than before. It seems like a form of pressure is lifted off their shoulders, whilst they laugh at an imperfection you’ve publicized about yourself. For just an instant, they can let their guard down as you let down yoursContinue reading

You can use mistakes to relieve pressure to perform.

How to Relieve Pressure With Mistakes

The quest for perfection can become one which takes more away from life than adds onto it. Perfectionists become obsessed with achieving perfect results. These results can be related to work tasks, athletics, or even the conversations they get into. The obsession with perfection can increase the pressure under which people operate. If you’re managed by someone who is obsessed with achieving perfect results, your output will never impress, and good results will become mere expectation. This article aims to provide some insight into how to utilize mistakes to relieve the pressure of unrealistic expectations without hurting your reputation in the process.Continue reading

Why Having the Right “Enemies” Can Benefit You

The word, “enemies,” will be used to represent those who serve to oppose someone else’s personal truth in a forceful manner. The truths they oppose can be related to business, politics, or everyday social interaction. Enemies develop when their battle for what they believe truth to be, begins to negatively affect our work or well being. Though the ideas in this article can seem to be encouraging of malicious behavior, they are presented for the sole purpose of bringing benefit to society. It is this article’s mere hope, that the enemies you adopt are those who are ethically worthy of defeating.Continue reading

How to Handle People Who Pry Into Your Sensitivities

Disclaimer: This article is intended to be an aide to regular civilian interaction. It is not legal advice. Combative interviews are birthed when someone is out to prove a point with a series of agenda-driven, prying questions. We often have a general sense of when someone’s out to “get us” by asking us leading questions which seek to get us into trouble or submission. The reasons for their combative inquiry can vary widely. However, there are patterns which can be observed and general rules followed whilst interacting with people who have a malicious agenda driving the questions that they ask. This article aimsContinue reading

Why You Should Be Inconspicuous While Giving Gifts

Gift-giving is an odd cross-cultural behavior. A myriad of potential answers present themselves if you explore the question of why gifts are given. As a guiding principle, the primary motive seems to be to increase mutual positive feeling and interaction. Other factors do creep into this thought exercise however. Could giving gifts be a sophisticated method of feeding one’s own ego? Do we like ourselves more when we give gifts to others? It is difficult to believe that humans can act in absolutely unselfish ways. Gift-giving is supposed to be an exercise whose primary focus is the gift-receiver. The moment is theirs,Continue reading

How to Talk to Someone Who Keeps Talking About Themselves

Our own selfishness amidst conversation is a difficult thing to keep tabs on. A person needs to have a tuned sense of others’ perception in order to successfully recognize that they’re talking about themselves too much. Those with a tendency to keep talking about the happenings of their own lives with others can be labeled a variety of things. These people can be anyone from a narcissist, to simply someone who is a socially unpolished individual. There are instances in which we find ourselves in conversations that only serve to benefit the pride of the ones we’re speaking with. As if beingContinue reading

Why You Should Give the Little Guys a Voice

People in positions of authority often treat distant subordinates with less respect than someone they work closely with. Time constraints are at play, and the perceived importance of giving the little guys a voice isn’t strong enough to change behavior. As a subordinate in any organized realm, you’ve likely experienced your input being judged based on your position in the hierarchy within which you interact, rather than on the merits of the ideas you present. Having our input not be taken seriously entices us to either begin trying harder to be heard, or to not try at all. The culture that beingContinue reading

In order to have an ability to make autonomous decisions, you need to know when people are pushing an agenda.

How to Gauge When Someone’s Pushing an Agenda

A rather depressing realization of life is that people generally approach us only if they see benefit in doing so. There are those you’re close to and who love you for who you are – but this unconditional love comes only from a select few. People will try to change your mind and they’ll try to sway you. They’ll sell you benefits and hide the detriments. They’ll smile when the door’s open and frown when it’s closed. All of us has have an agenda of some sort, both in hidden and public form. This article’s public agenda is to educate those who readContinue reading

How to Handle Those Who Are Protective of What They’re Good At

Becoming skilled in a particular craft is a tiresome journey. As we try to improve our skills in any field that we pursue, we become victims of doubt from ourselves and others watching on. Moving past the insufficient levels of support and competitive anxiety (among other challenges) toward becoming skilled in a particular domain entices people to be protective of the ranking they achieve within it. Ranking can mean having numerous rental properties to earn a healthy income, or becoming a skilled billiards player. Have you ever tried to challenge – directly or indirectly – someone in the craft they’ve chosen toContinue reading

Why and When You Should Expose Ulterior Motives for Others’ Anger

There are times when our anger is birthed by way of embarrassing reasoning. We sometimes find ourselves being angry over things we would look bad publicizing. Feelings of envy, inadequacy, and personal quirks / issues don’t do well at getting a broader audience on your side of an argument. When someone makes us mad for a reason which we are embarrassed to publicize, we often look for other, less warranted and less embarrassing reasons to back our anger with. A teenager you accidentally discover masturbating in their room may use feelings of embarrassment from that night to fuel their overreaction ofContinue reading

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