How to Stand Out in Your Manager’s Eyes

You may have heard the advice of providing management with solutions rather than coming to them with problems you need help with. That is good advice when you are able to find a solution to an issue. However, showing your managers how you work through problems you have not yet found solutions for can benefit you as well. Working out problems outside your scope of work along with upper management is an effective way of standing out in your manager’s eyes when you cannot get to the solution by yourself. Standing out in your superiors’ eyes at work is much more thanContinue reading

How to Entice Fruitful Conversations to Take Place

As you begin to read this article, your attention climbs into the cold bed that is this page. At this point, your focus is easy to divert. A loud sound can shift your gaze away from this sentence, and a bright flash can do the trick as well. Your seat may not be as comfortable as it can be, and your elbow may not be resting in its proper reading position. You shift your bum, and move your elbow. Now it’s better; now you’re set. As the bed warms up, it’s harder to get you out of it. Your mind’sContinue reading

Regret and desire to propagate positivity should encourage your choices of reaction.

How to Ensure Your Reactions Don’t Denounce You

The “eye for an eye” retaliation approach leads quickly toward mutual assured destruction. The advancement of technology in the military sense has produced clear examples of the effects certain human decisions are capable of producing. A clear path toward our own destruction as well as the destruction of our enemies is often evident. Whether we choose to travel down those roads is another question. Humans are complicated beings with complicated thoughts. Our thoughts are sometimes ethical, noble, fair, and wise. Other times, our thoughts are dark, disgusting, angry, and vengeful. This article will hint on the darker realms of humanContinue reading

Why You Should Always Remember the Square Watermelon

Square watermelons are novelty plants which are, as their name suggests, grown to be cubed rather than spherical. Their cubed shape is attained by growing them in rigid boxes. As they grow under what seem to be normal conditions for a watermelon to grow in, the four sides of the box they’re in begin to exert pressure on their rind. The bigger the watermelon becomes, the more pressure is exerted onto it. The boxes prove to be stronger than the watermelon rind, and the watermelon adjusts its shape to match that of the box it’s in. The square watermelon is a goodContinue reading

Why Loneliness Is the Final Boss in Your Journey Toward Your Goals

Things seem to get a little bit harder once we voice our dreams and aspirations to our close friends or family members. On one hand, it is a sign of our commitment to the goals we’ve set for ourselves. On the other, we open ourselves up to doubt, negative commentary, and general lack of support. Their reactions seem to never fit what we expect. They’re either unimpressed and dismiss the fragility of our expression, or express an overly positive and unrealistic response which downplays the difficulty of the times we go through. Is it worth revealing your goals and aspirations to those around you?Continue reading

Gossip can be a trigger for bad behavior of our own. Resist the need to reciprocate, and treat gossip about you as an opportunity to improve.

How to Make Gossip About You Invalid

In a professional environment, protecting your reputation should be a priority. Most would think of protecting their reputation in a direct way, by directly tackling external attacks on it with logical arguments and responses. Attacks on reputation however, are seldom sourced from logical reasons. Figuring out why there are attacks on your reputation and why gossip about you exists is a useless venture, as the attacks have already been made and the gossip has already been spread. What you do when you find out about the attacks on your reputation and the gossip that is being spread about you isContinue reading

How to Know When You’re Winning a Competition

Some competitions that you take part in may be explicit in the way they crown winners and losers. Others however, can be competitions in which the winners are not crowned and the losers are not labelled. These competitions can stem from being in healthy competition with your workout buddy who you try to out-lift in the gym, to asking the better questions during a lecture at school. Implicit competition is often times the realm in which people measure their skills. Most people do not participate in formal competitive activities such as sports or public debates, so they will be measuring the skills thatContinue reading

Why Mutual Struggle Is a Great Bonding Tool

We typically try to veer away from struggle of any kind. Any sane individual values the comfortable moments of life. The evening at the office during which you cross the last item off your daily list of to-dos, is joyous. As you get into your car to drive on home, something catches your attention: the gas gauge is creeping down to “E.” Ignoring “E,” can open doors to struggle. Those doors could lead to you sitting on the shoulder of the freeway, after running out of gas. You’ll thereby likely choose to stop by the gas station to prevent the chanceContinue reading

Why You Should Remind People of Their Past Victories

Having our past mistakes be constantly brought up and used as a standard for who we are as individuals in the current day is infuriating. Though our past mistakes were controllable in the moment, their existence poisoning how others perceive us is out of our control. As if in an invisible prison of perception, those with knowledge of our past misdoings can use that information to discredit, disrespect, and dis-value our future output into the world. It so consistently seems that our past mistakes garner more attention than our past acts of kindness, honorable behaviors, and victorious moments. The barriersContinue reading

Why You Should Tell Them They’re Ahead of Others Their Age

Depending on the circumstance, how much we’ve achieved for our age can be a point of pride as well as a cause of shame. We’re often interested in reading about the youngest billionaires, the successful child actors, and upcoming athletic prodigies. Humans have a fascination with those who achieve extraordinary results at a young age in varying domains. This fascination is perhaps built on our tendency to live vicariously through these successful young people. A life in which one achieves success at a surprisingly young age is one which we perceive to be good. These people have seemingly figured itContinue reading