be weary of being discouraged by asking too many questions. remember that ego drives the answers that you hear

Why People Over-Complicate What They’re Good At

When inquiring into what others are good at, their methodology for doing what they do quickly becomes hard to follow. What are subjectively minute tasks for some, are overly complicated ones for those who’ve not yet grown accustomed to the same level of expertise. If the average person were to attend an NBA team’s practice, they would be blown away. The sheer percentage of shots going in the basket would astound them, and the low rate of error would be rather impressive. Upon being exposed to that level of proficiency, they may inquire into proper shooting form, or various drills that theyContinue reading

How to Handle Being Called a Gold-Digger

Attraction may be a science, but it sure is difficult to understand. The preferences of what’s attractive seem to constantly cycle through. You may be attracted to a potential mate’s confidence, social aptitude, and facial bone structure. You may like small noses, and may prefer those whose hair is blonde. Attraction seems to travel deeper, and change with time. A single glance from the right person, at the right time, may be attractive for seemingly no reason. The struggling artist type may catch your eye, and their tattoos may turn you on. A controversial aspect of attraction however, is one of money, andContinue reading

Why You Hate When People Show You Videos on Their Phones (and How to Use This Knowledge to Manage People)

People seldom accept having to do something without any form of push-back. That push-back is observed in youth when their parents force them to eat mom’s cooking rather than the ice cream in the freezer. Depending on the extent people were allowed to voice displeasure in their youth, their psychology in the present day seems to be shaped by those experiences. Envision yourself sitting next to a friend on a bus ride. Whilst searching for topics to spark conversation, your friend makes an honest attempt at doing so by pulling out their phone and tilting the screen toward you. They’veContinue reading

Do not tag acceptance with criticism.

Why You Should Let Acceptance Simmer by Itself

Acceptance of others’ actions is best delivered in full. You may have witnessed being complimented as a precursor to receiving criticism soon-after. People like to couple criticism with words of positivity to make their critiques sting less. Without realizing that this method actually exaggerates their words of criticism, they hope their critical messages are camouflaged by words of encouragement. Know that your words of positivity will have little impact if you follow them with criticisms too soon. Your audience will tend to focus on the negatives and ignore your words of encouragement even if those words ring true. This article aimsContinue reading

How to Critique Something Others Love

There will be times when you have to shut down others’ good ideas, reject their propositions, and critique the things they’ve worked hard in building. On the road toward the best ideas, auxiliary ones will fall by the wayside. They’ll be sacrificed for better ones to come through and become the norm. As a facilitator of positive growth, you’ll sometimes find yourself in positions that dictate you to make decisions. You can find yourself leading others, being a central decision maker, or a trusted adviser. Knowing how to critique the things that others hold dear to their hearts will be an importantContinue reading

How to Tell When Someone’s Attempting to Mask an Ulterior Motive

The motives which people operate by are difficult to grasp and understand. It’s safe to say that many of the behaviors you see played out by those around you are driven by ulterior motives. True motives for our behavior may be embarrassing, sensitive, malicious, or described by a myriad of other traits. We often find ourselves in situations within which we don’t have a desire to unveil our true motives. For example, the host whose gathering we’re at may not want us to leave, and expressing that we’ve had enough of their presence outright may not be the proper action toContinue reading

How You Can Learn From the Enemies of Society

It may be a bit hard to believe, but not a lot differentiates you from the worst humans to have ever lived. You never know what you would do, say, and plan if you were in the same exact position as another. The fact that you could’ve turned out to be a murderer, dictator, or a slave master should scare you but also teach you a lesson or two. Take the approach of finding positives and learning from them in life, as even the most absurd, disturbing corners of history contained lessons to be learned by all.  The subject of influence isContinue reading

Why People Will Slander Trivial Aspects of Those They Compete Against

A competitive mindset is a difficult one to maintain at length. Imagine if you were competing against everyone on Earth from the moment you woke up to the time you went to sleep. Picture yourself being competitively scored on how well you made your bed, how masterfully you brewed your coffee, and how stylishly you dressed up to go to work in the morning. Pretend the points you attained in each facet of your day were tallied and used to determine your social and financial standing. What if those on the bottom-end of the scoreboard were punished in some way? WhatContinue reading

Why Some Millionaires Drive Cheap Cars

The concept of remaining frugal in light of achieving financial freedom is not new. Frugality is coupled with humility. People consider the rich person who lives frugally to have discovered a sense of understanding which not many rich people do. They’re considered to be winning the battle against their ego, and are seen as properly aligned with the deeper meanings of what it takes to lead a meaningful life. Whether these people are right or wrong in their act of living frugally upon attainment of wealth remains unknown. This article aims to discover some of the perks in doing so asContinue reading

Why Predicting Others’ Behavior Starts With You

With every action you take and word you say towards another person, a reaction is to be expected. The reactions that those around you have to the things you do will vary in how they’re shown. The reaction someone has to something you say can be an internal reaction, perhaps just mentally marking a trait of yours, while a reaction to you pushing somebody on the subway train will be more illustrious. Anticipating these reactions to your words and actions is a beneficial approach to visualize paths to the interactions that you have on a daily basis. If you needContinue reading