Why You Should Show Love to Who They Already Love

Some people are careful in allowing others into their lives. Negative experiences dictate how careful we are in interacting with people who fit the patterns we’ve determined to be dangerous. Perhaps they’re afraid of being lied to, being tricked, and being played. You can’t guess which negative experiences dictate how careful someone is letting you into their life. Being surgical in making people like you is thereby a case by case analysis. Some people don’t trust those with beards, or those who smoke cigarettes. Some people are wary of others who are overly charismatic, or inordinately kind. Guessing the exactContinue reading

Why You Should Never Take the Bait – (Scams, Frauds, Rackets, & Tricks)

You can only control your actions until you’re baited to act in a certain way. If nobody can verbally bait you to commit to action, nature will bait you from the core. The fact is that you and everyone around you are wired in a similar way. There sure are differences between us all, but the software at our core is similar at least. At most, it is exactly the same. You can figure out how to make the vast majority of people you meet cry, laugh, or yell for joy. Each reaction from others is governed by a formulaContinue reading

In order to have an ability to make autonomous decisions, you need to know when people are pushing an agenda.

How to Gauge When Someone’s Pushing an Agenda

A rather depressing realization of life is that people generally approach us only if they see benefit in doing so. There are those you’re close to and who love you for who you are – but this unconditional love comes only from a select few. People will try to change your mind and they’ll try to sway you. They’ll sell you benefits and hide the detriments. They’ll smile when the door’s open and frown when it’s closed. All of us has have an agenda of some sort, both in hidden and public form. This article’s public agenda is to educate those who readContinue reading

Why You Should Stop Interrupting People Immediately

Interrupting those who are speaking is a killer of social worth and general likability. You have likely felt the annoying feeling of not being allowed to express your full train of thought during conversations in the past. It is a terrible feeling which not many explore the nature of. Have you ever wondered why you feel annoyed or angered when people interrupt your speech?  The analysis of yourself in those situations will help you understand how others feel when you interrupt them. Understanding and mitigating your effects on others when you interrupt them is essential to eliminating that behavior. YouContinue reading

How to Turn Your Enemies into Allies

Passion represents itself in a variety of ways throughout life. The passion with which somebody hates you can be utilized for good with the momentum that it carries. You should aim to utilize all passion displayed towards you for beneficial purposes. Whether you derive these benefits specifically for yourself or for those around you is your decision. However, with some simple guiding principles, you can turn the passion with which your enemies hate you with into a passionate affection of becoming an ally. By being your enemy, these people have already completed the first step required to becoming an ally.Continue reading

How to Exude an Essence of Reliability – 3 Things to Remember

Being perceived as reliable can supplement your success. Reliability is an attractor of favorable interaction, whether it be in business, work, or school. Reliability takes a long time to establish. A simple act of letting someone down can ruin a year’s worth of work that you’ve put into being considered as a reliable individual. Apart from consistency and time being on your side, this article hopes to remind you of three things to remember doing in an effort to be seen as a reliable individual. A trait of reliability is a powerful thing to have spread about you by wordContinue reading

How to Improve the Quality of Advice You Receive

On your path to fulfilling the goals that you set for yourself, you will sometimes feel a need to get the opinions and advice of those around you. Their advice will help in many ways, and can be a guiding beacon in times of absolute darkness. Something that people often forget is that the quality of advice one receives is dependent on both the giver as well as the receiver of the advice. Your questions for collecting beneficial advice need to be structured well, and be constructed in a manner which fishes out a tangible and actionable piece of advice.Continue reading

Why You Should Be Careful Making Friends at Work

Spending your days around your coworkers can lead to the development of unprofessional relationships. The development of these relationships feels very normal and true at the time of them developing. It is a person’s natural inclination to develop social relationships with those they are surrounded by. However, it is worth remembering that a professional work environment is far from an organic setting for human relationships to develop in. You may not realize it at the moment, but each and every one of your coworkers can, and will, be your competitor under the right circumstance. If the time calls for competitive action, yourContinue reading

it's becoming hard to filter for useful information. how you choose to do so will dictate who controls how you grow to think

How to Practically Filter for Useful Information

Information can be used to control us, suppress us, and to misdirect us. Information can be key to attaining power, and misinformation can be the trigger to losing it. Information does not come labelled and sorted for us. We seldom know if the information we take in is beneficial to our goals or detrimental to our success. Our time is susceptible to being wasted by useless information, with others benefiting from the attention that we show. The more you think about it, the scarier our lack of control over what we allow to influence our thoughts and actions is. Some peopleContinue reading

Why You Should Remind People of Their Past Victories

Having our past mistakes be constantly brought up and used as a standard for who we are as individuals in the current day is infuriating. Though our past mistakes were controllable in the moment, their existence poisoning how others perceive us is out of our control. As if in an invisible prison of perception, those with knowledge of our past misdoings can use that information to discredit, disrespect, and dis-value our future output into the world. It so consistently seems that our past mistakes garner more attention than our past acts of kindness, honorable behaviors, and victorious moments. The barriersContinue reading