Why Your Kind Help Is Bound to Get Rejected

“Faith in humanity,” is a term used to describe being wholesomely proud of the actions other people take. Whilst standing at a red light, you may see a teenager helping an old blind man cross the street and feel a sense of warmth. As you receive your cheeseburger and fries, you may be notified that the person who just exited the drive thru has paid for your order. Instances like those build our “faith in humanity.” They perhaps re-educate us on the kindness which exists in others’ intentions, and entice us to adopt a kind mindset of our own. They motivate usContinue reading

How to Get Noticed by Noticing Others

Attention is an invisible, yet valuable commodity. Much like other objects of desire, the value of attention you receive depends on the quantity in which it comes, along with the quality with which its given. Garnering attention which is high in quality as well as quantity is difficult to do. People are on a constant search for ways to mine it. There are those who make their mark on a very select few, to receive attention which is high in quality but low in quantity. Others target the masses in search for quantity, in hopes of ramping up their clicks,Continue reading

Why You Should Recognize Verbal Jabs but Not React

Verbal jabs are comments which hint on a weakness, misdoing, or sensitive topic of yours. These comments are meant to elicit a response of revenge or anger by design, and are typically effective in doing so. The potency of verbal jabs stems from the fact that they are often implicit in how they’re delivered. It takes some thought to figure out the true meaning of a well-placed and painful comment from another. Your anger will be delayed, which in itself will put you at a disadvantage should you want to respond to a particular comment made by the other. This article willContinue reading

How to Tell an Expert Apart From a Phoney

Each one of us has points of focus within their day. Some of us write, some of us read, some of us do house chores, and some meditate. Each person reading this article has something they’re better at than the rest. The differences in skill level may be marginal or may be drastic. There may be someone reading this who is a professional surfer perhaps, or a formidable scientist. One person can’t be a master of all things that comprise life however. As we make our way toward mastering the skills of our choosing, we have to rely on trusting experts inContinue reading

Why You Should Give the Little Guys a Voice

People in positions of authority often treat distant subordinates with less respect than someone they work closely with. Time constraints are at play, and the perceived importance of giving the little guys a voice isn’t strong enough to change behavior. As a subordinate in any organized realm, you’ve likely experienced your input being judged based on your position in the hierarchy within which you interact, rather than on the merits of the ideas you present. Having our input not be taken seriously entices us to either begin trying harder to be heard, or to not try at all. The culture that beingContinue reading

How Master Manipulators Conceal Their Intentions

You may have experienced someone’s seemingly inauthentic ways of being overly likable and kind. Though there was nothing wrong with the actions they took and the words they said, your intuition told you not to trust them. The scariest thing about the most skillful, and sociopathic, manipulators, is that there often seems to be nothing explicitly wrong with the actions they take and the words they say. A lesson any conscious, and skilled, manipulator learns early on, is one of always concealing their intentions. Being inconspicuous is a defining part of being manipulative. It is for this basic reason that all skilledContinue reading

How to Handle Being Jealous of a Friend’s Blistering Success

If you were lucky enough to have siblings in life, you’d know that some of your interactions with them contained competitive aspects. Competition is how we measure our place in the world. Whether it be by playing a video game, getting good grades, or doing well financially, we rely on those around us to measure ourselves against whilst determining where we stand. As our ambition to be good at something develops, we depend first on winning competitions which exist in our general vicinity, prior to competing against the population at large. Some of the people you know, or even those youContinue reading

How to Discourage People From Getting Too Comfortable Around You

The completion of a list of things you want to get done can be threatened by those who take up too much of your time. Especially in the professional domain, there are people whose comfort around you entices them to deviate their focus from the task at hand. It seems safe to say that the vast majority of the interactions you have with others have a point behind them. Even in friendly interactions, there are often goals to reach and decisions to make – as small as they may be. A person who allows their sense of comfort to distract themselves,Continue reading

It is kind of you to allow others to be kind toward you.

Why You Should Be Open to Receiving Kindness

A marker of kindness is acting in a way which benefits someone without expecting anything in return. As if receiving a gift from the universe, being the recipient of kindness alleviates the burdens of our day. For a brief moment in time, the pressures of life seem to be relieved. We feel lighter amidst acts of kindness from others, and typically do not plan on kindness coming our way when we first get out of bed to start the day. Kind people tap into something that is unmistakably real about the human existence. When all else disappears, we still have kindness. KindnessContinue reading

Why People Will Slander Trivial Aspects of Those They Compete Against

A competitive mindset is a difficult one to maintain at length. Imagine if you were competing against everyone on Earth from the moment you woke up to the time you went to sleep. Picture yourself being competitively scored on how well you made your bed, how masterfully you brewed your coffee, and how stylishly you dressed up to go to work in the morning. Pretend the points you attained in each facet of your day were tallied and used to determine your social and financial standing. What if those on the bottom-end of the scoreboard were punished in some way? WhatContinue reading