Why You Should Never Take the Bait – (Scams, Frauds, Rackets, & Tricks)

You can only control your actions until you’re baited to act in a certain way.

If nobody can verbally bait you to commit to action, nature will bait you from the core. The fact is that you and everyone around you are wired in a similar way. There sure are differences between us all, but the software at our core is similar at least. At most, it is exactly the same.

You can figure out how to make the vast majority of people you meet cry, laugh, or yell for joy. Each reaction from others is governed by a formula you must decipher. However, no reaction is impossible to attain.

You have the ability to shape how others act around you by spending an inordinate amount of effort trying. Don’t forget the fact that most things you hear and see are driven by belief. Tapping into these belief systems is the pathway toward shaping behavior at its root.


Your Behavior Can Be Molded

Knowing what’s written above should strike a certain fear inside of you. You should fear your belief systems being altered, and your actions being dictated. You will not know if this occurs, and will be blindly living someone else’s plans. Be wary of the bait you take in everyday life. You will be enticed by many things inside the world you live. The jingles will be pleasant and the ads will be bright.

Remember what their goals are, and see their plans through towards completion. Be in tune with the bait that others set for you to nibble on. You can nibble, but never bite. Nibble enough to recognize the bait. Recognize the tactics others use to bait you in specific ways. Notice the time of day, the method of delivery, and the make-up of the bait itself.

There will be people who use bait in devious ways to further their own cause. If bait is needed, the cause isn’t strong enough for you to join.


Reacting to the Bait

You must react to the bait you see others set. We now know your reaction is something other than to take the bait, so your plan is already started. Do not take the bait in the best possible way that you can manage. Practice being good at saying “no” to things, because it really matters how you say it. Become good at shifting attention away from the fact that you’re denying other people. Become good at delivering bad news.

An aspect which makes bait difficult to resist is the notion of denial. It is difficult to say “no” to people. Perhaps it is the fear of missing out or maybe it’s linked to the various habits of survival. No matter what the reason is, there’s no denying that people have trouble telling others, “no.”

Get rid of any fear you have of saying no, and make yourself damn good at saying it. Be a master at diverting bait after you recognize it’s presence. Always have your actions decided by the final entity in the decision making process – which is only you. Victories and tribulations will then be attributed to only you, and you’ll be one step closer to absolute order and control.

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