Why You Should Tell Them They’re Ahead of Others Their Age

Depending on the circumstance, how much we’ve achieved for our age can be a point of pride as well as a cause of shame. We’re often interested in reading about the youngest billionaires, the successful child actors, and upcoming athletic prodigies. Humans have a fascination with those who achieve extraordinary results at a young age … Read more

How to Handle Being Called a Gold-Digger

Attraction may be a science, but it sure is difficult to understand. The preferences of what’s attractive seem to constantly cycle through. You may be attracted to a potential mate’s confidence, social aptitude, and facial bone structure. You may like small noses, and may prefer those whose hair is blonde. Attraction seems to travel deeper and change … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Refute Online Criticism of Your Work

Disclaimer: A clear distinction should be made between responding to, and acknowledging, online criticism. This article does not suggest you ignore truthful criticism and never attempt to improve. Rather, it aims to raise questions as to whether vocally refuting false / malicious criticism is beneficial in any way. The current model of online social interaction … Read more

How to Recover From a Serious Mistake and Gain Respect Doing So

This article aims to illuminate a path toward legitimate self improvement when there seems to be no hope. The process of making a mistake, correcting the things gone wrong, and learning from the experience comes with painful realizations. Mistakes force us to accept our factual imperfections, and sometimes serve to tear apart visions we had … Read more

How to Recover From Being Embarrassed – And Gain Respect Doing So

Embarrassing moments are difficult to recover from. You’ll find yourself playing embarrassing highlights over in your mind. Those regret-filled thoughts can paralyze you in similar situations down the line and can moisten your upper lip as you lay awake at night in a heightened state. Embarrassing moments can lead to emotional decisions being made and … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Vary in Your Show of Attention

The people in your life are grouped into various mental categories. These categories aren’t linear in their listing. Specific categories may distinguish the level of trust you have for your various friends. Other categories can represent which floors your acquaintances at work sit on. In an effort to articulate the motive of this article, the … Read more

Why People Like You When You Learn From Them

This article is about using your adoption of a student role strategically to make people like you. The student / teacher relationship is often viewed from the context of power. The teacher typically holds power over the student in a learning setting. A teacher can dictate the immediate future of a student for example; they … Read more

Why Altruism and Self-Importance Do Not Mix

A consecutive series of struggles and triumphs, both big and small, comprise the majority of our experience on Earth. As we experience the world through our own eyes, we get to see how hard it sometimes is for those around us. Humans have a distinctive desire to help those less privileged, and to tear down … Read more