Why It’s Best to Own the Embarrassing Things Others Use Against You

It’s fair to say more people pick their noses and eat their findings than you know about.

If you were to tune into every car’s dash cam and point it the other way, you’d be disgustingly intrigued as to how many people dig for treasure while on their commute. A subset of those likely slide their discoveries down into their mouths too.

Such a finding would represent an embarrassing one from the nose picker’s perspective. Since they perceive the frame of their cars to be protective of their embarrassing habits, they’d be disappointed for anyone discover their boogers making their way from their noses to their mouths. They’d likely be embarrassed too.

They likely wouldn’t consider that it may benefit them to fully own their habit of eating boogers when they’re caught red handed.

By doing so, they’d disarm those who seek to use that finding to cause damage. They’d trump those who think they have an unanswered weapon to use against them. They’d come out on top in the context of those who seek to use an innocent, but embarrassing, finding against them.

This article is about the benefits of owning up to the, perhaps embarrassing, secrets others discover about you.


Surprising Those Who Think They Have You Cornered

The element of surprise is fruitful when you surprise the ones who themselves try to surprise into paralysis. Your act of owning the embarrassing things that others discover about you will, first and foremost, rid them of using the element of surprise as a weapon.

Those who discover our embarrassing secrets by themselves make assumptions of possessing the element of surprise to use against us. The maliciously intentioned bank on the feeling of you being seen with your metaphorical pants down in order to inflict their sense of superiority upon you.

The act of being surprised is often a precursor to the act of being defeated. The shot you don’t see is the one that hurts the most, thereby those who discover some of your embarrassing secrets will be motivated to keep their knowledge of those secrets under wraps. They’ll try to surprise you when the time comes to unveil their knowledge. They’ll try to get you back on your heels, and they’ll try to make you stutter as you attempt to explain away the embarrassment of the things that they’ve found out.

In the game of utilizing the factor of surprise to one’s advantage, you’ll be playing against those who seek to embarrass you with the things they discover. They’ll look to unveil their knowledge about you picking your nose when you least expect them to.

In a surprising counterattack however, you can own up to that embarrassing revelation. In doing so, the weapon of surprise will be in your hand to wield. Your ownership of the embarrassing things others discover is often the least anticipated reaction they expect as they visualize your response to their subtle jabs.

In a hope for the upper hand, those who weaponize our embarrassing secrets expect us to assume a submissive position of explaining away what they’ve discovered. They expect us to make excuses for why we pick our noses and eat our hypothetical boogers.

In order to surprise them with a reality which doesn’t match their expectations, fully committing to, and owning, the embarrassing things they discover does well. You’ll now have them back on their heels as their attempts at utilizing embarrassment as a weapon gets off to an unanticipated start.


Comfort in the Face of Embarrassment Drops Their Bullets to the Floor

The context of someone discovering an embarrassing piece of information about you is one which is capable of damaging you because you are not in control.

The mechanism of pain delivery that those who discover our sensitivities employ is one of forcing us into submitting and admitting to that information being true.

From their perspective, they’d have found out sensitive information about us and made us admit to that information being true involuntarily.

The involuntary portion is important in this act of pain delivery.

The reason why some people are successful in weaponizing our sensitive information is because they’d have exposed it while we would have preferred it to remain confidential.

In going against our interest of confidentiality, these individuals force the publication of sensitive information upon us. They feel a sense of power in making individuals submit to the fact that their embarrassing information is now public.

The reason why they get away with delivering pain in such a manner is because embarrassing information is seldom too dangerous to expose. In the eyes of others watching along, the unveiling of embarrassing information about someone else is seldom serious enough to be frowned upon. Such information is often exposed for comedic effect at the expense of the person that embarrassing notion is about.

By fully and voluntarily owning the embarrassing information others try to submit you with, you serve to take power away from their act of trying. As you quickly adopt, own, and nonchalantly interpret what others hope to be embarrassing information, you will take the wind out of their sails. They will lose the weapon they banked on working; which is the act of you involuntarily submitting to that information being publicized.

In this case, you would voluntarily accept and own the embarrassing notions they seek to prod you toward submission with. They earlier you make it seem that you voluntarily own the information they think is an effective weapon, the less likely it would seem that they were the ones in control of that interaction.

In fully owning, accepting, and not being surprised at others’ attempts to expose your embarrassing secrets, you’ll take an important step toward disarming them.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.