Why You Shouldn’t Benefit off Vulnerable People

In an effort to be memorable, we have to place ourselves in vulnerable positions. The jokes you perform will leave you in a vulnerable state until laughter from the crowd validates your creativity. The heartfelt speech you deliver leaves you vulnerable to others’ interpretation of the message that you’re trying to disperse. Will your passion … Read more

Why You Should Be Careful Bringing Up People’s Past

Below are two reasons why you should be careful about bringing up people’s past in conversations, whether it be the good or the bad aspects of those times. You’ve probably had the reaction of cringing while looking at your old high school photos. Our past is sometimes a sensitive subject, which we often try to glaze … Read more

Why You Should Be Gentle Correcting Naive People

The intellect of those you meet in life will vary. You’ll meet some people who know more than you in specific facets of life, and you’ll meet those who just can’t get on the same page. These instances are typically not of concern in everyday life. However, when there are consequences to a person’s naivety, … Read more

Why Those Whom You Distract Will Hate You

One of the more impactful mistakes you can make is to go about your life without noticing the effects you have on others. Your state of assessing your own actions and behavior should be perpetual. Being in tune with the mark you make on the ones around you will educate you on how to improve … Read more

How to Gauge Others by Being Simple

Meeting new people is a feeling-out process. Those we meet for the first time typically witness a filtered, and small, sample of what we’re all about. We never want to appear too drastic in the portrayal of our image when we first meet somebody. You wouldn’t want to scare anyone away with your more extreme … Read more

How to Handle Those Who Are Protective of What They’re Good At

Becoming skilled in a particular craft is a tiresome journey. As we try to improve our skills in any field that we pursue, we become victims of doubt from ourselves and others watching on. Moving past the insufficient levels of support and competitive anxiety (among other challenges) toward becoming skilled in a particular domain entices people … Read more

Why You Should Reward Others’ Effort

Effort is the currency exchanged for skill. Should you come across those who are not skilled in what they’re attempting to do, analyze the effort they put into becoming skilled in that domain. The path toward becoming skillful is not pretty or fun. People fail, people misstep, and people fall off of cliffs to get … Read more

How to Act Whilst Meeting a Celebrity

A mix of nervousness, shock, and a ramped-up level of self analysis can culminate into an ill advised reaction when meeting someone famous. You’ve likely visualized yourself being in a position of interacting with famous people. Simulating our own personal interactions with those we see on screens is a test of our ability to keep up … Read more

Why You Should Switch Seats With People Who Want to Sit Together

You’ve likely witnessed a few glimpses of human sympathy peak through monotonous and systemic travel processes. The act of commercialized travel is – appropriately – a computerized, calculated, and meticulously managed one. For someone who may be a fan of a more professional, controlled, travel process, acts of randomness are often a nuisance.  The efficient, … Read more