Why You Should Not Exploit Favors Others Do for You

People will help you out in life.

Especially if the favors you receive from people are ongoing, the way you handle your role as the recipient is a sensitive undertaking. The people doing you a favor are doing so from an understanding of you to be in need. If your words or actions deviate from expressing your need to those who are doing you a favor, then you can do some damage to your relationship with them.

People who do favors for you place themselves in a vulnerable position. They subscribe to you being in need of a particular thing. They put their trust in your act of being a victim, vulnerable, or dependable.

This article aims to discourage you from wanting to take advantage of favors from others.

It hopes to motivate you in encouraging people to commit acts of common decency without them fearing for being taken advantage of.


Greed’s Effect Reaches Far and Wide

The line between being in need and being driven by greed is not thin, but it is blurry. As our needs in any domain are being met and fulfilled, the natural inclination becomes to collect goodness. We seem to want to save good things for bad times later. We want to hoard, we want to save, and we want to possess.

The same feeling of greed will strike when the favors others do for you have fulfilled your needs. You’ll have a decision to make to either stop receiving favors from others and tackle challenges on your own, or to continue attempting to solicit favors as a measure of growth.

It’s inadvisable to allow the favors others do for you to be driven by greed rather than need, because you’ll serve to exploit people’s kindness. Having our kindness exploited by greedy individuals is a feeling we don’t want repeated. We feel taken advantage of when people exploit our kindness, and are more reluctant to committing acts of kindness down the line.

By exploiting favors, you serve to rob someone of their desire to do good things for others down the line. You place them under a curse of feeling distrustful of those who are actually in need. By making them wary of evil exploiters, you encourage them to be a little bit evil themselves. You encourage them to be closed off and cold. You encourage them to be less giving and less kindhearted.

Your act of exploiting favors thereby has long-lasting and wide-ranging effects. Remember, if you allow greed to dictate how you interact with favors from others, you’re not only benefiting from a favor someone has chosen to commit. You’re serving to change the behavior and alter levels of happiness in the person doing you a favor, as well as potential recipients of their kindness down the line.

Be thankful when your needs are met and be honest about when they are. Show character in breaking free from the reception of favors and do it in a manner which rewards the person who’s done you that favor. Strive to encourage acts of kindness by not exploiting them when they are acted toward you.

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