Why Teasing (Seduction) Is a Crucial Part of Teaching

You’ll look for ways to improve the methods by which you teach as you transition from being a pupil, child, or subordinate towards being a teacher, parent, or leader. While riding the aging process none have yet escaped, we begin thinking about how we make our mark on the world that taught us all we … Read more

How to Dissuade, When Encouragement Fails

Your attempts to change behavior through methods of encouragement will sometimes fail. Those around us can have a difficult time understanding why a certain course of action is beneficial to their cause. Smokers know that cigarettes will be a likely catalyst to their early death, and people who don’t exercise tend to know the benefits … Read more

How to Get People to Accept the Advice You Give

Giving others advice is a tricky undertaking. People aren’t naturally open to receiving advice from those around them. Especially if you’re of the same caliber in skill, success, and general experience in life, giving advice to others is difficult to get right. Being seen as a “know it all” is likely, especially when you aren’t … Read more

Why Giving Unsolicited Advice is Dangerous

In an effort to help those around you, you’ll sometimes feel a need to give them advice on improvements they can make. We generally feel the desire to give advice based on what we perceive ourselves to be good at. Your intentions for giving unsolicited advice may be well-meaning, and you may be truly looking out … Read more

How to Act When Someone Doesn’t Take Your Advice

Respectable individuals make informed decisions. There will be times when you’ll play the role of being an advisor to someone who’s making an important decision. You’ll present your findings and opinions on the matter at hand for others to weigh into their act of making a final decision. Sometimes, our advice is listened to but … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Look for Holes in a Curious Student’s Exploration

You’ll be tasked with teaching others in life. As time keeps ticking, you’ll gradually morph from being a consistent student to an occasional teacher. You’ll then become the consistent teacher and occasional student. Though the wise are students until the day they die, they see value in teaching others what they’ve learned.  Your students will … Read more

How to Teach Novices / Beginners Things You’re Good At

People have varying passions and differing skill-sets. You’ll go on to become better at some things, whilst getting worse at others. You’ve probably not done certain things since you were a child. Perhaps you’ve forgotten how to ice skate whilst you learned how to manage projects. Perhaps you’ve forgotten how to skip stones whilst you … Read more

Why You Should Support Those Who Are Struggling to Learn

There will be people that you meet who grasp concepts slower than you and others around them. These people are either plagued by inexperience in the domain which they’ve been thrown into, or are merely slower at grasping concepts than others. There will be times when you begin to lose patience with these people and … Read more