Why You Shouldn’t Compliment Difficult Questions Before Answering

This article is about the desire to compliment difficult questions when they catch us off guard. It is not about expressing genuine awe of a masterfully composed inquiry.   If you’ve ever tuned into an interview with a politician on the campaign trail, you’ve likely heard the phrase: “That’s a good question.” Prior to answering … Read more

How to Avoid Unnecessary Conversations at Work

The back-and-forth emails that are sent at work are generally to the point, as people do not like to read irrelevant information. So why aren’t the conversations that take place at work the same? The conversations you have at work should always have an outcome. When at work, it is important that all dialogue leads to … Read more

Why You Should Recognize and Retreat From Blank Arguments

The article provides valuable insight into the art of recognizing and retreating from pointless arguments. It outlines various techniques and strategies that individuals can use to identify when an argument is becoming unproductive and to effectively disengage from the situation. The article covers essential skills such as active listening, non-verbal communication, and self-reflection to help individuals avoid engaging in fruitless debates. The information provided in the article will be of great help to anyone who wants to improve their conflict resolution skills and avoid getting caught in time-wasting arguments.

How to Deal With Being Ignored and Establish Communication

This article presents things you can do when you find yourself receiving the silent treatment and being ignored. Those in your social circle may be ignoring your calls and texts, whilst those you’re in a relationship with can become abusive in their acts of dishing out the silent treatment. In some instances, you may very … Read more