How to Use All Or Nothing Negotiation Techniques Successfully

During times of negotiation – whether they relate to professional or personal agreements – you’ll be faced with deciding on the type of negotiation techniques to implement. All or nothing  propositions should generally be avoided, as they put you, as well as the people you’re negotiating with in an uncomfortable position. Drastic propositions can turn … Read more

How to Use Presence to Lessen Your Workload (at Work)

There are days when tasks at work seem to originate from a never-ending source. You’ll find yourself swallowed up in things you should be doing, and even feel overwhelmed. The feeling of being flooded with things to do is hellish. The thoughts which live in the deepest portions of your psyche may fear losing your … Read more

How to Barter Your Importance for More Tangible Perks

If you’re willing to give up some of the importance you hold in a particular domain, you can trade it for other beneficial things. Suppressing your desire to feel important is essential in developing a holistic state of mental health. Desire for importance controls the behavior of many that you know and interact with. We … Read more

How to Get a Promotion at Work

As a new position opens up at your workplace, you may notice the social dynamics of the individuals you work with start to shift. Depending on how related, and desirable, the new position is to your own role in the company / organization, you may have your sights set on attaining that new position. Many … Read more

Why Complaining About Where You Stand Will Get You Demoted

This article will cover the topic of being displeased with others’ ranking of you in the various social domains you find yourself in.  Managing people involves organizing them, prioritizing certain ones, and triaging those who need help most. The ones managing the groups in need of management share common management methods notwithstanding what domain they … Read more

How to Dissuade Low-ball Offers of “Exposure” for Creative Work

Online dealings have introduced independent contractors to the barrier that being promised “exposure” presents.  Particularly for creative pursuits, a client’s promise of market exposure is consistently being positioned as a replacement for monetary compensation. The promise of exposure never seems to just be a bonus of doing good business, but a bargaining tool to lower … Read more

How to Lower Your Chances of Being Replaced at Work

As long as you work for an entity you don’t control, there’s always going to be a chance you can be let go and replaced. There can be many scenarios in which people can fear being replaced. Contract work for example, is prevalent in professional culture. Once employees come close to fulfilling their contractual obligations,  … Read more

How to Negotiate for a Higher Salary at a New Job

“Ask for more and receive exactly what you want.” That piece of advice has become somewhat a cliche. It is a simplistic representation of an interaction which is often nerve wracking and professionally contentious.  Receiving what you want from the world around you greatly depends on how you go about in asking for those things. … Read more