About Kletische

  • Every article you see on Kletische is delivered as opinion.
  • Assume all assertions made to be wrong until your process of critical thinking suggests otherwise.
  • Nothing on this website is intended to be legal advice in any form.
  • All written work on this site is original and protected by copyright law.

Communications, Public Relations, Influence 

Kletische exists to help individuals navigate the task of influencing people as it applies to their chosen domains.

Rational intuition, reasoning, and observation play a significant role in the development of these ideas.

The aforementioned methods of arriving at general conclusions by observing specific situations, give way to the problem of induction.

This site acknowledges there to be assumptions and generalizations present in its work.

Kletische makes it a priority to be in a perpetual state of attempting to refute, falsify, and challenge the opinions it puts forth. None of the articles are final.

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