Why You Should Recognize Verbal Jabs but Not React

Verbal jabs are comments which hint on a weakness, misdoing, or sensitive topic of yours. These comments are meant to elicit a response of revenge or anger by design, and are typically effective in doing so. The potency of verbal jabs stems from the fact that they are often implicit in how they’re delivered. It takes some … Read more

Why You Should Remember One Thing Before Showing Off

It’s normal and healthy to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You’ll show up to work with a new shirt one day, to the compliments of those around you. Then, just when others thought the show was over, you’ll bust out your new coffee mug. For the purpose of this article, showing, and showing off … Read more

Why You Should Be Careful Being in First Place

The times when we come in first feel good. These wins may be big or small, but the feeling of being ahead of others is as addictive as it is desirable. There’s no reason for it to not feel good, as we’ve got no one else to beat when we come in first. One thing … Read more

Why You Should Admit to the Unfair Advantages You Possess

There are few interactions which occur on absolutely equal ground. Even if the factors are controlled as much as possible, life’s unfair ways seem to always make their mark on our reality. The athletes partaking in a 100m sprint (a seemingly fair and controlled competition) didn’t all eat the same thing, and sleep in the … Read more

How to Win by Sometimes Losing

The path to greatness involves the act of winning battles along the way. These battles can present themselves clothed in many forms, but one thing is for sure: you’ll need to win a consecutive series of them to be successful. Amidst heated competition, our instincts become to attack what is keeping us from attaining what … Read more

How to Not Be Jealous / Envious of a Successful Friend

If you were lucky enough to have siblings in life, you’d know that some of your interactions with them contained competitive aspects. Competition is how we measure our place in the world. Whether it be by playing a video game, getting good grades, or doing well financially, we rely on those around us to measure … Read more

Why You Should Agree With Excuses for Your Success

With any success you see in life, you’ll hear excuses as to what possibly could have propelled you toward it. Even those who give you the credit you deserve will tend to couple it with some sort of explanation. They will credit your ability to focus, your ability to learn quicker than others, and your natural … Read more

Why It’s Strategic to Downplay Your Experience

One of life’s more interesting scenarios to analyze is someone answering a question akin to, “Have you done this before?” To the ignorance of the one answering, their answer can set the tune for how their interactions play out in the long run. Pride is a difficult thing to curb. Walking into a boxing class … Read more

How to Be Unpredictable and Use It to Your Advantage

Your plans and schemes are most powerful when they catch others by surprise. Unpredictability helps draw attention to the positive actions you commit. Unpredictability can mean allowing others to hear you sing beautifully for the first time, and may govern the act of solving a Rubik’s cube when someone hands you one by chance. You … Read more