How to Turn Your Enemies into Allies

Passion presents itself in a variety of ways throughout life.

The passion with which somebody hates you can be utilized for good with the momentum that it carries. Hate aside, you should aim to utilize all passion displayed toward you for beneficial purposes.

Whether you derive these benefits specifically for yourself or for those around you is your decision. However, with some simple guiding principles, you can turn the passion with which your enemies despise you with into a passionate affection of becoming an ally.

By being your enemy, these people have already completed the first step required to becoming an ally. They have given birth to passionate, deep-rooted feelings towards you, which is the most difficult part in attaining someone’s love.

Once such passion is present, what it is utilized for is secondary to the fact that it exists. With its existence, you can begin to morph it to your desire. You can tweak the passion of your enemies to be turned into love, but the execution of these tweaks is important to get right.

If you fail in morphing the hate of your enemies into the love of your allies, you risk their hate growing larger and more influential. The following are methods which you should consider in your quest in turning enemies into allies.


Don’t Reciprocate Subjective, Emotional, Negativity

Your enemies will test out many courses of action to cause you pain. As if equipped with a bubble maker of negativity, your enemies will consistently float bubbles of painful negativity your way.

They will consider it a victory if they can make you reciprocate their negative behavior, so it is important that you do not. Consider the negativity presented by your enemies as a manifestation of their passion towards you. This passion will be packaged in an ugly manner; through dirty comments, hurtful actions, and other disgusting behavior. However, keep repeating to yourself that this passion is similar in nature to the passion with which your close ones love you with.

View any negative actions from your enemies as a measurement of passion. The more they’re trying to hurt you, the higher the ceiling is for their passion towards you. To be successful you’ll need to be thick skinned, it is the first step in having less enemies and more friends in life. Wars depend on both parties displaying violent behavior. You will find yourself amidst fewer wars if you the passion with which your enemies hate you as an opportunity for passionate love rather than a means for a passionate war.

You might be disappointed to read that you’ll need to take the shots your enemies dish out without reciprocating. Know however, that the process of turning your enemies into allies is one of length and endurance. You have not lost to them for allowing their hateful acts to go unanswered.

Remember, your victory is defined by the end result of dissolving another one of life’s enemies. If that result is worth working for, then you’ll be best off remaining calm and even keeled.

Do not react to the negative behavior of your enemies. Take everything in stride, and never be emotionally affected by anything they do.

If you’re ever physically in danger, take the necessary steps to defend your self.

The lack of reaction to non violent negativity is important in not only your quest to turn enemies into allies, but also in attaining the influence you desire in life.


Latch On to the Positive

We will seldom have enemies which exist purely to make our lives miserable. Your enemies are human beings with passions for many things apart from hating your guts. Whether you come across your enemies at work, in business, in school, or in other social settings, you will see positive aspects of your enemies displayed. Your enemies at work may do a good job at a particular task, or your enemies in school may bring up a good point in class discussion.

Do not let the fact of people being your enemies deter you from noticing the positive aspects of their behavior. This is a critical step in shifting the momentum of their passionate hatred into a new direction, which will hopefully be towards love.

Latching onto, mentioning, and advertising the positive aspects of your enemies’ behavior will motivate the disarmament of negativity with which they operate. Humans are not savages for the most part, and if their hate isn’t reciprocated, their hate begins to die down.

Your enemies will be confounded as to why you are not reacting to, and reciprocating, their hatred towards you. Doubt for the behavior which they have been displaying will begin to creep in, and they will be more open minded in their opinions of you. Shifting their hatred towards love for you will now will now be close to completion. It will required one final act on your part in an effort to seal the deal.


Extend Your Hand in Friendship

As the doubt for how your enemies have been acting towards you begins creeping into their heads, they will be in a vulnerable state. They will be in a state of mental indecisiveness about how they feel for you. You will need to seal the deal by taking overt action in bringing their passion over to the side of love towards you.

This overt and explicit act will take courage on your part and is a risk. You risk them falling back into their hateful ways and rejecting your offer of friendship. You must be okay with this happening, and again, not react to any negativity which they display.

Extending your hand in friendship is akin to apologizing first in a disagreement. The two acts follow a similar principle. In part, extending your hand in friendship involves letting your enemies save face and you adopting responsibility in allowing their love for you to flow free.

This act typically involves making it obvious that you accept your enemy as a friend. You can invite them out to dinner with the rest of your friends, you can offer to help them on a particular task at work, you can have lunch with them, or you can simply speak to them about ending the ideological war between the two of you. Whatever the action is, it must be obvious and clear in its love towards your enemies.

By this point, you will have done everything you can in an effort to turn your enemies into your friends. You will never be able to control what people think of you to a tee. Taking the actions mentioned above serves the purpose of allowing your enemies the opportunity to use their passion towards you for love.

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