Why To Avoid Asking Leading Questions in Everyday Life

People get offended by the words in these articles, do you think you can be open minded in your analysis of these opinions?

The question above is led by a comment which alludes to its desired answer. It puts pressure on you as a reader to answer dishonestly and to lead on an image that you may not be able to maintain. You’re very well allowed to disagree with the things written on this page, and it is fully your right to be close minded if you so desire.

The more defined, and known, you make the correct answer to a question; the more those answering will not want to answer it honestly. Think back to a time when someone demanded you answer a rhetorical question. The notion of answering a rhetorical question is annoying, if not painful, because the correct answer is already known by all. If you ask questions for which the answer is already known, or alluded to, your audience will be hesitant in their attempts to answer.

Options Lead to Accurate Information

By using your desired answers to box in those you ask questions to, you serve to damage yourself by limiting the accuracy of the answers you hear. A more effective way of knowing whether a person would be open minded in their reading of this article, would be to ask, “How open minded would you say you are to new ideas?” This way, there would be no background information for the ones answering to morph their answer toward. It would give them the opportunity to establish that they are indeed open minded individuals, and would give them reason to live up to that reputation while they read this article.

The fewer tells of correct answers existing to your questions, the better. Make the questions you ask others in your day to day life be free of any restrictions. Allow them to be confident in answering honestly, and openly, by not leading your questions with your desired answers. After they answer, don’t react negatively to answers which don’t please you. Truthful information about the world around you, and how people really think, should be more important than validating the answer you would give yourself.

The act of posing your question in an unrestricted manner therefore, is not only in the best interest of the people who are answering. It is, most of all, in your best interest as well. Your collection of knowledge, and your growth based on the knowledge you collect, will increase.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims in any way.