How to Get Noticed by Noticing Others

This article is yet another proposition on how to garner positive attention from those around you.

Attention is an invisible, yet valuable commodity. Much like other objects of desire, the value of attention you receive depends on the quantity in which it comes, along with the quality with which its given. Garnering attention which is high in quality as well as quantity is difficult to do. People are on a constant search for ways to mine it. There are those who make their mark on a very select few, to receive attention which is high in quality but low in quantity. Others target the masses in search for quantity, in hopes of ramping up their clicks, views, and likes in massive numbers.

This article aims to present a method of investing your own attention to see returns down the line. A balanced goal of quantity and quality is what you should be after when it comes to garnering the attention that you seek. This article attempts to make a case for why strategically pointing your attention onto others, does well in bringing positive attention back on you. Without further ado, below are two things to implement in your investment of attention.


Teach People Things They’ve Missed About Others

There are interesting people all around us. There can be an argument made that interesting aspects exist about each and every one of those you see in life. The more you dig, the more interesting things you may well find. There are those whose shoes beautifully match their belt. There are those whose braids are more a work of art than they are a hairstyle. Some are quick in their social rebuttals, and others are creative with the way they speak.

We miss a lot about those we interact with day to day. As we move along from getting out of bed to getting in it, we focus on fulfilling our list of to dos. We focus on ourselves for much of our conscious time, and seem to forget about the details with which others live their lives. You can use these tendencies to forget, to your advantage. Gaining the advantage at hand, consists of shining light onto the details which fill the lives of others.

Notice the beautiful details about others, and compliment them by exposing those details to the world. Bring attention to your colleagues masterful excel sheet, and compliment your subway seatmate on their designer bag so others hear. When online, bring attention to good points made in discussion boards, and publicly compliment people on the content they put out by way of sharing it with friends.

Become a guide of the pleasant details about others which the world seems to forget about. Open people’s eyes to the masterful, the beautiful, and the thoughtful traits about certain individuals. Doing so will make you a dealer of positive attention. People will begin to come to you to get noticed, and others will come to you just so they can notice others. The attention you receive from both sides – the person you notice, and the people you communicate your findings to – will be positive if you operate with positivity.


Look Out for the Skillful but Ignored

There are people whose exceptional skill is hampered by their debilitating introversion. They don’t market what they’re good at, and don’t tell people about their positive results. They go through life becoming unknown masters at certain things, and give up on showing anyone their skills. These people exist at work, in class, and in social circles. They mind their own business, and have gotten used to not receiving attention for whatever it is they’ve practiced.

Some of these people may find discomfort in attention being brought on them. Be wary of how they may react to the attention that you shine on them through advertisement of their skill. If the individual is particularly sensitive, advertise their good traits in a respectful manner to only a select few. Let a few other souls know about the skill that this certain soul possesses. Be their advertising agent for just a bit, and operate with the kindest of intentions. Keep their best interests at heart, but do your best to shine a light on their ignored skills.

Illuminating a person’s skill which is regularly ignored, is a kind gesture if done kindly. Likelier than not, you’ll be appreciated by the individual who has likely yearned for the attention that you show. Attempt to let others know about this person’s skill, work, or certain output. Not only would this person receive positive attention from you, you’d serve to elicit positive attention from others too. Whatever it is that hampered them gaining attention for their good work, or their good traits, seek to fill in that hole with your own ability to garner it.

People will view you as being charitable with the attention that you’re showing and eliciting. They’ll not only be thankful for discovering a certain unknown gem, but they’ll develop a certain respect for your tendency to shine the spotlight onto the forgotten. The person whose skills or work you shine a light onto, will thank you too. They’ll be grateful for your ability to notice that they were alone, and will likely enjoy the attention being shown to them.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.