Why Tough Times Form Better Friendships

We typically try to veer away from struggle of any kind. Any sane individual values the comfortable moments of life. The evening at the office during which you cross the last item off your daily list of to-dos, is joyous. As you get into your car to drive on home, something catches your attention: the gas … Read more

How to Make a Third Party Agree With You on a Disagreement

Peaceful disagreements which warrant the judgment of a third party are common occurrences. You’ll often need a third opinion when attempting to break ties between decisions on where to eat, and what to watch.  As soon as a third party enters the picture, the context of the social interaction alters.  The tie between ideas is … Read more

How to Handle People Who Over-Compliment Your Success

The more success you achieve in the pursuit of your goals, the more comments you’ll receive from others. The people around you are privy to success of any sort. Humans’ underlying need to compete as well as improve play themselves out in interesting ways. Anybody who comments on your success wouldn’t mind experiencing it themselves … Read more

Why You Win Strategically When You Forgive

The tune of people telling you that forgiveness is the way has been overplayed. People seem to inherently know that forgiveness is the way toward contentment and peace, but that notion seems to always be forgotten. Forgiveness only seems to come after the ones we forgive are either shamed or disproved. Are we capable of … Read more

Why You Should Give the Little Guys a Voice

This article presents reasons for why you should hear what even the most insignificant people on your team have to say. It strives to connect those reasons to your own maintenance of power and personal success. People in positions of authority often treat distant subordinates with less respect than someone they work closely with. Time … Read more

How to Treat People Who Break Their Promises

A disappointing happening is one of having a promise made only for it to be broken once the person who made it reevaluates their stance. Promises made on a whim, or in the heat of the moment, are perhaps the most susceptible to disappointing us. You’ve likely experienced a friend or family member promise you … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Alienate People When You Criticize Them

A common mistake people make while delivering criticism is serving to alienate the person they are critiquing. Making the people you criticize feel alone in a puddle of their mistakes is not an effective way of teaching a lesson. Allowing someone to feel alone with their mistakes discourages them from making the changes needed to move … Read more