Why You Will Never Fully Know and Understand Anyone

You may have read or heard about the observer effect. It dictates that in their act of measuring, observers influence the phenomenon being observed. It suggests that it is not possible to observe or measure anything without affecting the behavior of that thing. We would like to extend this notion to people, on a broader … Read more

Why You Should Be Careful Around Others’ Self-Deprecating Jokes

Being comfortable with laughing at yourself (your shortcomings and mistakes), is a beneficial trait to have. It communicates to those around you that you don’t take yourself too seriously. As others laugh at your expense, they counter-intuitively grow to like you a little bit more. They see you as imperfect, therefore making their own lives feel … Read more

How Blind Trust Can Inadvertently Put You in Danger

We often trust those close to us without hesitation after amassing an extended history together and gaining the understanding that these people are reliable and trustworthy. It’s important to remember that even those we fully trust can inadvertently put us in danger. Whether it’s because they trust others whom we would never trust, their own … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Discredit Those You Compete Against

In much of what you decide to become skilled in, you’ll experience competitive feelings toward others who are practicing the same skills. Whether you are working on becoming a better salesman, or a better javelin thrower, developing a skill often leads to being compared to other skilled individuals. If you choose not to compare yourself … Read more

Why the Things You Ignore Will Only Grow

We’ve all felt the pressure to ignore things we’d rather not face head-on. You may have noticed a leak in your gutter, a squeaking refrigerator door, or a noise coming from the serpentine belt under the hood of your car. We ignore things because we don’t feel like dealing with them at that moment in … Read more

How to Get the Most From Being Anonymous Online

The incidence of negative dialogue within online communities is common when their users maintain their anonymity. People feel protected by anonymity, and experience fewer social barriers in sharing their – perhaps hurtful – opinions. The ability to express displeasure is an important aspect of anonymity. It allows for an honest discussion of ideas, and encourages … Read more