Why the Things You Ignore Will Only Grow

We’ve all felt the pressure to ignore things we’d rather not face head-on. You may have noticed a leak in your gutter, a squeaking refrigerator door, or a noise coming from the serpentine belt under the hood of your car. We ignore things because we don’t feel like dealing with them at that moment in … Read more

How to Handle Having What Others Desperately Desire

Have you ever felt an undeserved feeling of guilt while walking past a beggar on the street? Even though you may have attained your wealth and status by way of honest hard work, seeing others in desperate situations induces feelings of guilt. These feelings of guilt are difficult to explain but they force us to walk … Read more

How to Discover Where Others Draw the Line

This article hopes to caution you about how normal you think your behavior and patterns may be. It hopes to prime you for unexpected reactions from people who watch you. The people we interact with tend to have varying limits of how much discomfort they can withstand. They may have more patience in certain domains, … Read more

Why You’re Vulnerable When Receiving Favors From Others

In a world where connections and relationships are key, accepting favors from others can seem like a no-brainer. However, this seemingly harmless act can often have hidden consequences. Favors, whether solicited or unsolicited, can soften you up, encouraging openings for unwanted requests in the future. Furthermore, accepting too many favors can lead to feelings of indebtedness, which can be challenging to navigate. In this article, readers will learn about the risks of accepting favors, how to react to them, and the importance of care in rewarding unsolicited favors. Understanding these factors can help individuals maintain healthy relationships and protect themselves from potential harm.

Why There Are Traps to Being Overly Private / Secluded

The life of a secluded person can seem like a dream come true for introverts and those who cherish their privacy. However, this desire for privacy can quickly turn into a nightmare, leading to a multitude of problems. In this article, the pitfalls of being overly private and secluded are explored, highlighting the link between privacy and pain, and how personal philosophies can lead to personal attacks. Additionally, the article delves into how bad investments can be difficult to recover from, all while providing valuable insights on how to avoid these issues. Read on to discover the hidden costs of a private life.

How to React to Terrorism and Discourage Future Acts

Disclaimer: This article is written from the context of immediately finding out about news of a terrorist attack. (Prior to any legal proceedings, formal investigations, etc.) If you’re a leader in any domain of life, observers will often look to you for a guidance of opinion. Underestimating our ability to influence the minds of those … Read more

How to Handle Running Into Someone You’re Avoiding

When running into someone you’re avoiding, the tension can be unbearable, especially if you’re attracted to that person, have feelings for them, or worse, you hurt them. It’s a common scenario, especially at work, but it doesn’t have to be an anxiety-ridden experience. In this article, readers will learn how to take control of the situation, diffuse the tension, and make the other person feel like they are part of the majority. By mastering these techniques, running into that someone you’re avoiding can become a much smoother and stress-free encounter.

How to Establish Innocence to Get Away With Things

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice in any capacity. This is written to aid only the social happenings of everyday life. Many of us have experience being caught red-handed doing something that we shouldn’t have. We’ve been punished for failing to follow valid rules, and for deliberately breaking the ones which we decided were unfair … Read more