How to Handle Having What Others Desperately Desire

Have you ever felt an undeserved feeling of guilt while walking past a beggar on the street? Even though you may have attained your wealth and status by way of honest hard work, seeing others in desperate situations induces feelings of guilt. These feelings of guilt are difficult to explain but they force us to walk a little faster and cover up our riches. This dynamic exists in anything you own which others desperately desire. Handling interactions with those who are envious of what you have takes careful treading.

People can allow their envy drive behavior towards you in ways you don’t expect. This frustration is spread into the many points of interaction you have with them, and can affect your image/reputation. This article aims to provide methods in handling having what others desperately desire. Eliminating envy at the get-go will serve to save you from unforeseen consequences down the line. You shouldn’t assume the ones around you are envious of what you have, but you should not allow opportunities for envy to be birthed and grow.

Make What You Have Lose Its Luster

Once we attain the things we, ourselves, so desperately desired, they begin to lose their luster. After a few short months, the car you yearned for becomes just another way to get around. The phone you wanted for so long now gets tossed on your bed like every other phone you’ve had. When you’re sensitive to birthing envy because of items that you own, relay the feelings of familiarity mentioned above. Share the feelings of a new car turning old, and a new phone turning into one to be replaced.

This involves allowing others to see what you possess, to touch your prized possessions, and to get familiar with whatever it is you have that they desire. Let those who are interested examine your phone, and ride in your new car. Explain to them imperfections these things possess, and show them any disadvantages to owning what you own. Allowing others to become familiar with what they desire will shift the focus of their desires to bigger, better things. What you own will now not be so impressive in their eyes, and any feelings of envy they felt towards you will be diverted someplace else.

Educate Them on How to Attain What They So Desperately Desire

If your aim is to divert their desire onto something bigger and better, then you should first try teaching them how to attain what you already have. An understanding of the exact steps you’ve taken to attain what they desire will make it lose its wonder. The mystery will begin to fade, and the mapping of a path towards their goals will make focus trump desire.

Be lenient with your lessons, and teach others how you’ve achieved success. This is beneficial for your cause because you’ll limit the growth of envy within others, and thereby protect yourself from its repercussions. You may even garner new partners for your cause, and team up with people to work toward goals bigger than what you’ve already achieved.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.