Why Loneliness Is the Final Boss in Your Journey Toward Your Goals

Things seem to get a little bit harder once we voice our dreams and aspirations to our close friends or family members.

On one hand, it is a sign of our commitment to the goals we’ve set for ourselves. On the other, we open ourselves up to doubt, negative commentary, and general lack of support. Their reactions seem to never fit what we expect. They’re either unimpressed and dismiss the fragility of our expression, or express an overly positive and unrealistic response which downplays the difficulty of the times we go through.

Is it worth revealing your goals and aspirations to those around you? Should you tell people what you’re going through in attempting to shape life into how you want it to play out? Will others ever relieve the sense of doubt we have in our ability to attain our goals? Will they really make us feel like we’re not alone on the path toward achieving our distinct goals? There will be lonely nights. Nights where nobody will be there to make you feel like you’re not alone in this dream you chase while laying wide awake. Perhaps it’s not their job to do so.

Of all the hardships you experience early on your path toward achieving goals, the hardship of being alone on your journey is the hardest one to overcome. There comes a realization that you’re the sole controller of how your life shapes out to be.

You come to realize that it’s your reaction to the hardships that matters, and that nobody will attempt to jump through a ring of fire for you and report their findings. Especially if your goals for life are uncommon compared to those of the average person, prepare to feel alone.

The goal of this article is to simply bring you a sense of comfort in the lonely times you may be going through.

Where Is the Support?

People try hard to not be wrong. As you venture down the path which most are hesitant to travel, the people who watch you will have their doubts. The fact is that most people don’t achieve their biggest goals and dreams. Assuming otherwise opens you up to being consistently wrong in your prediction of others’ successes.

People will understandably doubt your success, as the data is on their side. Their doubts are reinforced by all of the people before you who haven’t achieved what they’ve told others they’d achieve. The sad state of the situation at hand, is that the doubts others have of your ability to attain success have often been right. Especially early on in your journey, they have no incentive to support what you’re trying to attain.

When the support you seek may not be there, what will you fall back on? If you’re serious about attaining the goals you’ve set for yourself, then you should seriously consider the fact that some nights will be oh so lonely. Those are the nights which make or break your chances at success. Your performance will either incrementally improve with every lonely night that passes, or it will falter. Loneliness will drive you to become demotivated.

It’ll drive you to become pessimistic in relation toward the goals you set for yourself when you were positive, driven, and perhaps a little ignorant. Prepare to battle loneliness on your journey toward success. Prepare to battle it every day. Your website won’t get hits, your product won’t generate interest, and your ideas won’t be labelled as good ones. There will most certainly be times when you’re the only one who’s left believing in the attainability of the goals that you’ve set for yourself. How will you handle yourself during those times?

12 Rounds With Loneliness

Go the full distance with loneliness. Accept its presence, but don’t give in to its attempts in demotivating your drive toward success. The lonely times will never end. Instead, they’ll just get harder and harder to get past. You’ll doubt your decisions, your goals, and plans, on every step of the way toward achieving success.

You’ll be so beat up from the battles with loneliness after a while, that you may even miss out on the moment that you achieve what you’ve set out to achieve. Remember though, each bout you win against loneliness is a time you improve your chances at success. Each bout of loneliness prepares you for each barrier that’ll come on the journey toward achieving your goals.

After beating loneliness, you’ll be able to look every other barrier directly in the eye and not shift gaze. You’ll express a confidence which most aren’t able to express, as you can rest assured that you’ve battled the toughest enemy of all. Your own mind is the final boss which stands in the way of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Master consistently winning against the doubtful and lonely times that you go through when no one watches. Master coming out of every bout of loneliness an improved individual, rather than a demotivated one. Each win against your own mental barriers is worth more than the affirmation of a hundred people who have no stake in your success.

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