How to Handle Pressure from Your Audience / Fans

It’s difficult to navigate realms in which your work is consumed by passive onlookers. Creative pursuits can bring forth unique struggles between the desires of the creator and his / her fans. A dissonance between a creator’s interests and their fans’ is an especially stressful time. The creator is trapped when they lose motivation to … Read more

How to Relieve Pressure With Mistakes

The quest for perfection can become one which takes more away from life than adds onto it. Perfectionists become obsessed with achieving perfect results. These results can be related to work tasks, athletics, or even the conversations they get into. The obsession with perfection can increase the pressure under which people operate. If you’re managed by … Read more

How to Address Criticism of Your Clickbait Titles

This article is about dealing with complaints from your audience about the – perhaps exaggerated – titles of the content you create. In your efforts to produce online content, you’ve likely discovered certain rules and guidelines you must abide by to be successful. Success as a content creator online is in large part defined by … Read more

Why Marketing Should Not Hold Power Over Truth

In the journey to spread what you create – whether it is a product, idea, or creation – you’ll need market its truth to others. This article is about misleading marketing tactics. It may be futile to distinguish what exactly makes a marketing campaign dishonest, as long as you understand that truth should hold precedence over … Read more

How to Limit Damage of Your Out of Character Acts

The ‘human condition’ carries with it volatility. Environmental triggers can sometimes be ignored, other times, they pull our strings without concern for any free will we pride ourselves of having. We’re vicious animals at times, and saints on special occasions. Our neighbor’s gaze shifts from loving to demonic once we put up a fence which … Read more

How to Handle Being Turned Into a Meme

Internet phenomena are picky in who they latch onto, and their appetite is difficult to predict. The viral meme culture is perhaps its own living entity in that regard. People have managed to not only share hilarious notions in creative and well packaged ways, but to also spread powerful ideas via quick but potent ways. As … Read more

How to Manage a PR Crisis (Mistakes & Angry Mobs)

With constantly expanding online opportunities to gain fame / infamy, PR crisis management is a pursuit more people are in need of being educated on. The study of public relations is becoming pertinent even to the average Joe who doesn’t have hundreds of employees and thousands of customers. Amassing a following on social media is … Read more