How to Avoid Unnecessary Conversations at Work

The back-and-forth emails that are sent at work are generally to the point, as people do not like to read irrelevant information. So why aren’t the conversations that take place at work the same? The conversations you have at work should always have an outcome. When at work, it is important that all dialogue leads to … Read more

Why Communication Can Only Be Artistic If It Is Useful First

This article is about day-to-day communication you partake in. It is not about creative writing, speech giving, or any other form of artistic expression. You’ll notice people get motivated to infuse their day-to-day communication with artistic flare. They’ll break out the thesaurus whilst writing their average email at work, and will almost rhyme their order … Read more

How to Provide Input When Many Good Opinions Are Being Shared

This article aims to communicate that if you perceive your environment to be safe for voicing your thoughts, you’ll better execute their delivery. You’ve likely felt the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your body in the moments of deciding to voice your thoughts during an important meeting, class, or gathering. We suddenly become aware of … Read more

How to Write Rejection Letters Which Make the Rejected Like You

You’ll find a need to reevaluate your communication strategy as you make your way from being the recipient to becoming the courier of life’s rejections. More rejection letters will unfortunately need to be sent to the inexperienced as you grow in your field of expertise.  You’ll be granted with additional responsibilities at each phase of … Read more