Why They’ll Listen Less the More You Sing

You’ll learn many truths on your journey to expand your knowledge.

Truth often feels like growth, and sometimes serves to alleviate the various pains of daily life. You’ll learn hard lessons which are brought on by making mistakes. You’ll hurt others on your way to truth, and perhaps you’ll hurt yourself.

Upon discovering your truths, you’ll feel a desire to spread them. You’ll see others in similar situations as yourself, and will want to deliver guidance. In an effort to validate and test your truth, you’ll want to present it to the world. You’ll package it into easy-to-digest lessons in an effort to help those who are missing out on what you know.

This article aims to give rise to caution surrounding the repetitive delivery of lessons that you learn.

Akin to singing the same song on repeat, you can serve to fatigue those who listen. They will get bored of your truth, and the hard-hitting lessons you aim to teach will be diluted by your repetitive delivery. This article hopes to encourage you to treat the lessons that you teach as seeds being planted into fertile soil, rather than the forceful planting of fully developed trees.


Allow Your Truth to Spread Its Roots

Once you decide to share a lesson that you’ve learned in life, show it the respect that it deserves. The particular truth you aim to spread has made its mark on you – thereby already validating the power which it holds. Assume that every listener is capable of understanding the lessons that your truth carries with it, just as you do.

However, do not forget the process by which you learned your truth. In order for your audience to understand your truth, you should guide them through the same process of understanding that you experienced on your way to learning the lesson in question.

An obvious example is the truth of physical exercise. The lessons that you learn by getting up early every day and running two miles will be powerful. You’ll feel better, you’ll be healthier, and you’ll develop a certain mental fortitude which those who don’t partake in similar behaviors do not learn. This truth takes a while to ferment.

The lessons that you learn by running every day for years cannot be merely spoken to an unsuspecting student. You may even feel that running has changed your life for the better. However, the power in that statement will be ignored by those within whom you don’t allow your truth to grow.

In an effort to plant the seeds that lead to truth, you’ll need to fragment lessons into day-to-day watering of these seeds. In the example above, you’ll first want to sell your audience on running tomorrow morning. Then you’ll work them up towards running three days a week. Trust that the lessons they learn by running three days a week will be strong enough to motivate them to increase their load.

Nowhere in this approach should you continuously repeat the truth you aim for them to understand. Always strive to motivate others’ own discoveries rather than making them listen to the discoveries that you’ve made. Changing the behavior of those around you based on your truth is absolutely dependent on allowing them to travel down the same road you did on the way to truth’s discovery.


What Happens When You Keep Singing the Same Song

No matter how good a song sounds upon discovery, you’ll get sick of it should you keep it on repeat. The more masterful the song you sing, the longer you’ll bare to hear it on repeat. Some truths are so hard-hitting, that those who keep repeating them keep being met with positive reception. However, anticipate your tune becoming boring to others’ ears. After boredom, your tune will soon become annoying, and your truth will be ignored because of the methods by which you spread it.

Be cautious of continuously repeating the lessons that you learn in an effort to make others understand. The lessons you’ve arrived at may depend on experience to be understood, and you’ll likely disappoint yourself in your efforts to passionately spread the most important truths that you discover.

Do not try to force others to experience through dialogue, what you have through consistent action. They will hear your truth, but they won’t understand it like you do. It will be evident that though the words of what you sing are understood, the lessons they contain have no hope of being respected how they ought to be.

Rather than singing your song on repeat, only sing it a select few times. Make sure your songs are as beautiful as they can be when you choose to sing them. Do not dilute their beauty by singing them non-stop. Allow interest in your songs to peak and allow minds to wander towards your truth rather than be forcefully led towards it. Be charitable with those who inquire further, but do not force those who don’t show interest to keep listening to your truth.

Become a master at piquing interest into what you know truth to be. In your effort to spread it, compartmentalize it and only sing your songs to give rise to interest in those who listen. Sing your songs in an effort to motivate others to travel down the same journey as you have – nothing else will make them fully understand your truths. The more you preach your truth the more common it’ll become. If you keep singing, it will lose its luster and will not be taken seriously. It’ll morph into mere opinion and will be taken with a grain of salt.

Respect the lessons that you learn by maintaining their mystique. Make the songs which spread your truth the most beautiful they’ve heard, but don’t sing them on repeat.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.