How to Handle Stress-Inducing Coworkers and Classmates

The workplace is a common source of stress.

We often have deadlines to hit, stakeholders to interact with, and products to implement with success. Mix personal agendas and egos in, and the recipe is often perfect for the build-up of high stress levels.

Your coworkers, classmates, and other acquaintances can be primary sources of stress if you do not wade through the waters in which they swim with finesse. To get you started on how to handle stress-inducing colleagues, classmates, and other people that appear in your everyday life, below are three reminders to keep you swimming in the right directions.


Disarm Them by Understanding

The stress that those around you add to your plate is correlated to how stressed they are themselves. When you are working as part of a team, the stress that the team around you feels will easily transfer over to you. Your first priority should be to keep the stress levels low in others around you, and then worry about your own.

Fully understanding and being empathetic to the challenges that those around you are facing is an important aspect or remaining stress free yourself. Be willing to disarm the stress that your coworkers or classmates transfer over to you by eliminating it from the source rather than simply trying to block yourself against it.

By taking this, “happy wife, happy life,” approach with stressed-out coworkers, classmates, and family members, you will begin to control your own levels of stress by lowers theirs. Know that when you help those close to you, you are more often than not helping yourself as well. The people around you influence your mood, happiness, and peacefulness tremendously.


Calm Them by Explaining

Another common source of stress is a lack of proper communication between yourself and the people stressing you out. Humans like to simulate scenarios inside their minds. These visualizations are driven by the information that we collect, and if that information is low in accuracy, then your simulations will be wrong. You will find those around you simulating confrontations, arguments, and negative interactions with you before you even get to speak with them about the issues at hand.

Their limited understanding of issues can hurt you by causing them to react in a stress-filled manner. You must first educate yourself, then the ones around you on what the facts are in any given situation. Full knowledge of the situation will limit the stresses that are birthed.


Team Up With Them

Confrontational team members make great teammates when they are on your side. If you see that a specific person is known for venturing towards the truth in an unapologetic manner, it is best to stay on their good side and team up with them. By doing this, you will always be in the know of pertinent issues taking place, and thereby closer to both the truth as well as the people who are associated with stressful situations. By working as a team to tackle stress-inducing aspects of your tasks, you will be able to implement all the strategies mentioned above with ease.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims in any way.