Why Your Weaknesses Will Be Exploited

If you are an honest human being, you know that you have weaknesses that need work.

These weaknesses are what make you work hard in order to hopefully overcome them, day in and day out. The insecurities that you hold are extremely visible to those around you. Thereby if you have identified a weakness of yours, you must quickly begin work to fix the issue.

While you are at work fixing the issues causing your weaknesses to exist, you should have no time to feel insecure. Your efforts are much better off being focused on fixing your weaknesses than swimming in insecurities.

Whether it is in the social or professional environments, if your weaknesses are known, they will be exploited when the time is right. Once somebody knows how to win against you, they will use that information if the reward is great enough.

The simple thought of your weaknesses being out there for people to exploit to get what they want should scare you. Your insecurities and weaknesses are loose ends which malicious people can get a hold of.


Look for Control Over Weaknesses

Once you identify your weaknesses, you must identify what about those weaknesses is controllable by you. Control every factor to be in your favor and against the favor of your weakness. Weaknesses tend to be controllable by norm, unless there are physical, mental, or social disabilities plateauing your efforts. Figure out what you can and cannot control, and become good at controlling the controllable aspects of your weaknesses.

For example, if certain environments make you stutter when you talk, stay away from those environments and work on improving your speech in those settings. If your weaknesses are known by your competitors, they will see them as windows of victory. In disagreements, people gravitate towards the known weaknesses of the person who they are arguing with.

When a weakness of yours is exploited, nobody around you will be able to soothe the blow. The blow of an exploited weakness hurts because you had control and chose not to take it. Choosing to take control of your weaknesses is a critical step in winning against all potential competitors. Taking control of your weaknesses results in your opponent having less information to plan around. They may think you have weaknesses by assumption, but as long as they are wrong, you are in the clear.


The Poisonous Tip of The Spear

When you find yourself being around disagreements and arguments, take into account what the tip of the argumentative spear tends to be for people. What do people resort to in order to deliver the most effective blows? What ideas do people most use as weapons against each other? The most painful verbal assaults are seldom untrue. If you feel truth in the insults of others, then you agree with them. They have found your weakness and will begin to exploit it. You cannot fake your way to not being disappointed during times when your weaknesses are exposed.

Weaknesses are like lies in some ways, where getting called out on them is both painful and embarrassing. Treat your weaknesses as wounds, cure them, take care of them, and keep a close watch over them. They must not be put away and ignored, as our weaknesses do not stop appearing throughout life. Weaknesses are like seeds that perpetually grow and are cut down. The cutting down part is you working to overcome your weaknesses, while the growing part is your bad habits growing into weaknesses. Cut your weaknesses before they get too old and long.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.