Why You Should (Sometimes) Publicize Your Failures

People do not enjoy the continuous winning streaks of those they compete against.

A missing ingredient in many competitors’ minds is the ability to utilize defeat to their advantage. If admitted at the right time and with the right tone, recognizing that you’ve made a mistake is well worth the embarrassment. People root for the unlikely heroes who triumph over obstacles in their way and will tend to root for you if you provide your failures and triumphs for them to follow.

Caution: Be wary of publicizing a consistent streak of failures. You can become stuck in a label of being a failure, which will serve to be self-fulfilling. Once others label you as a failure, they’ll expect failure in everything that you do. Know when publicizing too many failures becomes detrimental to your success.


Failures Are a Part of Every Story

The hardships you go through give your story strength. That strength will help you sell your story, and gain the following of those who respect the trials which you overcame. If your story is too boring and bleak, then you need to take actions which put you at risk of failing. If your story is depressing, then figure out how to utilize the strength you gained during those depressing times.

For most, the difference between having an intriguing story and a boring one is the way they tell it. Nobody is immune to failure and thereby triumph, some just choose to not include it in their story. The challenge is to tell your story in a true, relate-able, and inspiring way.


Throw Them into Your Story

The reason why it is important for others to see you fail is because they become a part of your story. People are more likely to be your fan when they’re thrown into your story. You allow those who witness your failures to hurt, cringe, and cry with you. It is the next best thing to having them be proud and feel victory through you. You allow them to subscribe to see how you bounce back from the events that have transpired.

Allow others to become a part of your story. Let them experience your failures with the expectation that they will experience your future joy as well. A redemption of a loss will always be more empowering than a domination of everything in your way. Relate to the imperfect man. Allow your lowest moments to be seen, and remember that your ability to get over those moments will dictate your success.

Admit ownership of all your failures, and have no excuses. Let your mind be fully focused on the path ahead without the lingering embarrassment of what happened in previous times.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.