Why Having a Nice Carpet / Rug Is an Easy Way to Impress Guests

Scrambling to wash your dishes and organize your coffee table prior to guests making their way over is a familiar state. 

Our exclamations of not caring what people think of us are challenged by our act of sweeping the floor an hour prior to a guest’s arrival. Whether we like it or not, communicating the fact that we live in a homely, comfortable, and maybe even luxurious environment seems to be a potent human desire. In an effort to fulfill that desire, people tend to spend a pretty penny on luxurious decor and extensive renovations. 

This article aims to illuminate the effects that simple, quality carpets can have on popping rooms and impressing guests of your home.


Riding the Stereotype: Fine Carpets Are for Those With Fat Checks

Fine fabrics are a staple of the popular stereotypes people have of the wealthy. The imagery of a billionaire Sheikh picking out a beautiful Persian rug is one which lives on in the minds of anyone who’s watched a movie depicting such a scene. 

Carpets and fine rugs, when picked tastefully, are associated with disposable income. They are bought by those who respect artisanship. Rather than simply yearning to cover their floors with something bland, the tasteful take every opportunity to infuse beauty into unexpected places. Fine carpets and nice rugs are respected for their colors, fabrics, and patterns. In other words, a fine rug opens up the window for aesthetic detail to upstage a previously uneventful area of floor. 

A rug’s ability to replace the boring with exquisite touches of detail is what gives fine rugs and carpets their reputation of catering to the wealthy. Turning a floor space into a work of art isn’t generally something that’s a focus of those strapped for a dollar.


There Are Levels to Owning Your Space

There’s something to be said about making an area of space your own. This desire drives young couples to write out love equations with their initials on park benches. To make an unowned area of space your own entails branding it with a personal touch or two. A simple table or a love-seat don’t seem to do the trick. That approach is easily replicable, and is unoriginal. 

A benefit that nice carpets have is their ability to easily make a previously bland space, personal to you. By carefully selecting carpets which illuminate your tastes proudly, you show confidence in branding a certain area of space to be your own. Your personal taste is well communicated through an artistic area rug, and your ownership of space isn’t to be underestimated. 

Guests of your home will notice you to be comfortable in your ownership of where you live. Your artistic taste will linger in their peripheral until they’re forced to break eye contact in their conversations with you. 


The Dissemination of Your Artistic Tastes to Dance Around You

Rugs and carpets do a better job at disseminating your artistic tastes than floors do. It’s the details that give us goosebumps; the way a singer’s voice perfectly aligns with a beat, and the subtle gradient with which the sunrise colorizes the sky. 

Try your hand at eliciting goosebumps in your guests by riding details with perfection. Study which carpet colors go well with your walls, and pick out patterns which command the prolonged gazes of anyone who merely glances over. Yearn to compliment the aesthetic patterns displayed on rugs with the pleasant feelings felt as your guest’s feet nussle in. 

Carpets are couriers of depth. They elicit the same feelings behind the reason why Michelin stars exist in the restaurant industry. Rugs and carpets carry your tastes past the surface level. Quality rugs continue to impress as time goes by. Their patterns seem to morph into new ones as you spend more time investigating. Their colors are complemented by the different ways sunlight hits them during the span of any one day. Fine rugs and carpets take the edge off like a glass of wine after you’ve kicked your shoes off and finished your well earned meal.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.