How to Deal With Negativity From Those Around You

To begin, realize that when dealing with humans, you are dealing with irrational, emotion-driven, biological beings. Humans are hard to predict because they are driven by forces yet unseen and unmeasured. These forces arm people to be nasty toward others of their kind, in an effort to win trivial battles day-to-day.

One main realization to make when you decide not to let your mental well-being be affected by others, is that others are often incorrect. They are not right in their judgments of you, they are not right in the conclusions they make, and they are not right to attack anything that you do. They have not measured every variable which comprises you and the life you live. Thereby they can only work off opinion rather than knowledge. They are not right to try to ruin your mood. Realize how wrong people really are, because the more we dig for truth, the further we discover it to be. 

Your act of dealing with negativity around you should include an analysis of how others help you achieve the goals you have set for your lifetime. If your goals are not at all dependent on a specific person, nothing they do or say should be able to ruin your mood. Your emotions are solely reserved for people who matter in your life. Those who have no stake in your success and well-being have no say in the mood that you occupy.


Cutting the Fat

Be simple in what you seek in life and whose opinion matters on your journey to achieve those things. Analyze the goals in your life and the people who matter. Toward those who do not, be open, welcoming, and kind. They do not matter, and all the actions that you exhibit toward them is a direct representation of your state of mind. Do not let anyone who does not matter in your life have an effect on your emotions and thereby actions. Realize that you are a human being just as they are. Humans are complicated, and their negativity towards you may very well be another mistake they make within their lifetime.

Focus on the next steps that you need to take to achieve your goals. Be fully engulfed in your goals, and make sure that being well-liked by those who do not like you is not one of those goals. Love is, and always has been, non-negotiable. The people who do not like you, will not like you until they decide to like you. You can’t do much to change this aspect, thereby your mood should not suffer due to their uncontrollable negativity.


Idolize Who You’re Trying to Become

Conduct yourself in ways that are respectable in your opinion. Conduct yourself like the heroes that you look up to, and do not for one second focus on another human being when it has been determined that they do not matter in the world you live. We live in a world where people desire to be liked. It is a goal which is driven by external positive reinforcement which you have no control over.

If you are focusing on the opinions of others, then you are not focusing on your own mission in life enough. Your mission in life should leave you unable to stand at the end of the day. Work toward your goals with as much ferocity as you try to change the opinions of those who hate you. Look out for your family, and your closest friends. Keep your circle small, and be a good person inside and out.


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