Why Victims of Oppression Grow More Loving

This article is a warning to oppressors of any kind; victims of your oppression are sensitive to empathy, and will (strongly) bond over it. 

The tale of giving when one’s got nothing left to give is universally poignant. It preaches hope to the hopeless by containing an important lesson about love. The lesson contained defines love’s ability to transmit meaning which can’t be bound by physical reality.  

An absolutely helpless being is volatile in their state, but dangerous in their capacity to learn life’s harshest lessons. Helplessness finds love not because it feels it in abundance, but because it craves it. Helplessness then goes on to educate its victims on a relationship between love and power. 

A Bond of Love Is Unstrained by Anything Enemies of Love Can Offer

The helpless discover a conscious force beyond their own when love squeaks through to their interpretation of the cold world that limits them. Prior to love sneaking through, every door seems such and impenetrable. 

The smarter your scheme to keep the helpless trapped, the more empathy they crave. They begin to tell the fakes apart skillfully, and their sensitivity for authentic, meaningful experiences attunes. 

Things will change a bit when they fulfill their craving.

The most helpless turns most devout to his/her belief in love’s existence once they get their taste. Since they’d been trapped without it for so long, they’re often sure that love’s release is measured and controlled by those in power. 

Their realization that love exists in a dimension which those in power can’t exert control over will empower an intellectual curiosity dangerous to oppressors. This resulting curiosity tends to focus on rigid, ugly things; questioning why they exist. 

Once learning love’s existence and warmth, the helpless understand how well the leaders of their cold reality limit it. Questions soon come up as to who, what, when, where, and why. 

Love nourishes, and miraculously heals. Bonds dipped in love dry stronger than the fasteners used to build oppressive worlds. Walls fall, roofs leak, and the unloved observee sees the loveless observer for the first time. 

The Pragmatic Result of Loving the Helpless

The pragmatic effect of the oppressed first feeling love, being nourished by it, then spreading it to their peers grows faster than you’d believe. 

It’s a beast with countless macro tentacles made up of micro ones. A message of love travels in seemingly unexpected trajectories to those who consciously try to meet it there and block it. The funny part is that love’s trajectories travel to where empathy is needed most. It’s the very thing those seeking to control love’s spread via oppression can’t feel. 

The effects of hope, a genuine release of empathy, and a clearly loving intention can be spread from every corner. For instance: artist to the fan, fan to the child, child to the parent, parent to the coworker. Try tracing that one back to its source. 

You won’t bucket out such a leak when you realize others know your wrongs and your victims know your truth. In contrast, if you can match up with what love has to offer, your actions will always leak through. That’s the pragmatic lesson at hand. 

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.