How Giving Enemies Hope Makes Them More Vulnerable to Loss

This article is about the strategic use of hope to demoralize those seeking to halt your progress toward your goals. The existence of enemies was never exclusively bound to the battlefield or strategic fronts of warfare. People can have enemies amidst odd circumstances. In the context of this article, an enemy seeks to maliciously stifle … Read more

Why You Can’t Force Others to Adhere to Your Directions

Truth being ignored or dismissed is one of life’s cruel tricks. There are truths later proven right whose presentation was ridiculed or ignored. Cold reactions to communicating something truthful feels like throwing punches at a wall. It’ll only further hurt rather than get through to those who listen. Internal questions come about on whether what … Read more

How To Be Hands-Off but Not Aloof as a Manager

This page contains pointers to help you maintain effective managerial control over staff whilst not being considered overbearing. A reputation of being a micromanager is difficult to rub off without a new start at a new workplace. To those you manage, evidence would be secondary to feeling, and them feeling you breathing down their necks … Read more

Why You Should Assume Pain To Be the Root Cause of Bad Behavior

Disclaimer: This article is not about criminal behavior. It is about bad social behavior in day-to-day life.  Bad behavior is behavior which damages others or oneself. Effective reaction to, and management of, others’ bad behavior is dependent on feeling empathy toward them. The development of empathetic thinking leads to the understanding that pain is most … Read more

How to Improve at Reading and Sending Emails

This article is about improving your skills in reading, comprehending, and responding to emails. The emailing fundamentals mentioned below are under-educated and are beneficial to consider employing. Your personal emails can also implement the professional standards presented below to varying degrees. Recipients List and Headers (To: Field, CC: Field, Subject Line) The header is most … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate When Someone Takes Your Advice

This article is about seriously considering the responsibility one adopts by giving others advice. The experience of receiving advice from someone who’s a little bit too invested in proving themselves right raises some questions. Why do such individuals hold a high level of interest in us adopting their advice? What are they attempting to gain … Read more

Why Force and Coercion Are Not Solutions When Asking Does Not Work

Leaders of any group hold the responsibility of making decisions for the greater good. Studying tactics used by prior leaders, analyzing what would work today, and employing your own strategy to deal with novel issues is a difficult balancing act to perform. The introduction of issues that can grow into problems for groups you lead … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Try Impressing the Unimpressed

The unlucky know that unreciprocated love is torturous. Being stuck in the loop of needing to increase the quality of your attention toward someone perpetually unimpressed by it seldom ends without disappointment. The unimpressed aren’t bound to love’s context however, and you’ll come across those who decide you’re not worthy of their respect in the … Read more

Why Your Communications Are Under No Obligation To Be Influenced by Others’ Anxiety

This article is about protecting your communications to, or about, stakeholders from being infused with their anxiety. Any solution to a problem worth solving will involve dealing with the emotions in reaction to that problem’s existence. To those tasked with solving issues at hand, the lesson of refraining from being emotional in communications about that … Read more