March 2nd, 2021

Why Your Patterns Are More Important Than Your Acts in Stealth

This article is a write-up about keeping your general patterns of behavior in mind when thinking about the attention your individual acts may garner.  The need to remain discreet in day-to-day tasks isn’t always rooted in nefarious soil. Attention brings with it negativity notwithstanding which acts garner that attention.  An individual’s capacity to efficiently complete … Read more

How to Perform Well in Online Meetings / Web Conferences

This article is about adjusting your interpersonal habits to supplement your status of working from home (remote work).  You’ll find that the dynamics of interpersonal interactions change when you begin working remotely. The three main methods of communication you’ll be exposed to are long form written (e.g. emails), instant written (e.g. messengers, chats), and audio … Read more

Why Victims of Oppression Grow More Loving

This article is a warning to oppressors of any kind; victims of your oppression are sensitive to empathy, and will (strongly) bond over it.  The tale of giving when one’s got nothing left to give is universally poignant. It preaches hope to the hopeless by containing an important lesson about love. The lesson contained defines … Read more

Why the Observer Identity Is a Social Hack 

This article presents reasons why you should focus on maintaining an observer mindset in regards to the people you socially surround yourself with.  Our contentment with the goals we set for ourselves is dented when watching others so vehemently achieve their own. People seem to know exactly who they are, what they need to do, … Read more

How to Address Bad / Negative Reviews of Your Product Online

Entrepreneurial individuals have experienced an increase in tools which help them deliver solutions to our world’s problems to the appropriate consumers in need.  A person with a good idea, the right knowledge, and an adequate work ethic can set up shop in historic record time. There are tools to get your site online today, your … Read more

How Pesky Attacks Can Bait You Into a War You’ll Lose

One of the many reasons for protecting secrets that we have, is to limit malice should those secrets become public. Simple examples of holding secrets close for the sake of not having to defend something of value are the decisions people have to make when they hit the lottery jackpot. When would you tell your … Read more