Why You Need to Be Capable of Destroying What You Care for Most (Letting Go)

This article is about being cornered by those who seek to bring you pain.

Attacks on your image, reputation, and things you care for most are to be expected in life. The work you do and the actions you take will make some happy, someone proud, and others angered. A well-timed attack on you by an enemy can often separate itself from fact. What’s true is often what the audience perceives truth to be. If an enemy of yours does a good-enough job of dressing painful falsehoods as the truth, then the things you care for may very well be on their path toward destruction.

Attacks from others present themselves as gossip, blackmail, and other forms of tarnishing schemes. The scenario of your reputation falling through is scary because you slowly begin to lose control of the public’s perception about you. As if stuck in a nightmare, people begin turning against you quickly, while everything you say or do serves to play against your case of exclaiming innocence and honor.

Situations of your reputation being targeted are to do with perception and control. Others’ perception cannot be controlled fully, and you should prepare yourself for the frustrating feeling of not being able to control the thoughts of others as they pertain to you. However, control of the outcome of an attack can always be snatched from those attacking you. This article aims to shed a light on the battle of control in a situation where your reputation is being targeted and actively destroyed.

This is tricky advice to give without knowing the specifics of the situations people reading this are in. The mindset of letting go of things you care for most is critical in regaining control in dire situations. Be willing to let go of things people try to blackmail you over. Let go of things people dangle in front of you in an effort to persuade you, and let go of your needs as they pertain to the perception of those around you. Be willing to destroy what your enemies use as leverage for attacks against you. Being willing of letting go, will ensure the control they have over your outcome is brought back in your hands. As if kicking the chair from under them, you’d serve to remove the power which they hold over you with their threats and accusations. Even if their attempt at destroying you may entail an embarrassing truth coming out into public view, you must be capable of exposing yourself before your attackers expose you.

The final battle you should try to win within a war which you’re losing, is the battle of final say. The battle you find yourself in when all your other options are exhausted, is one of retaining control. If you find yourself losing a series of consecutive battles, do not lose the final battle of control.


The Battle of Control

The battle of control is a final measure of courage which the world will judge you by. Allowing your attackers to dominate you in a manner which leaves you without any control will result in utter devastation. You would serve to lose much more than a battle, but also your ability to remain in control of your outcome; even if it is a negative one.

The battle of control is a battle which emphasizes your freedom to choose. If your opponent has you in a checkmate, you can always kill your king yourself. Even if they have won every single battle on their way to exposing secrets about you, tarnishing your image, and ruining your reputation; do the final deed before they do. The final act of regaining control over the situation despite the truths that are brought to light will be your only beacon of hope in recovering from these attacks going forward.

Practice visualizing destroying the things you care for most in life and always be prepared to be attacked by those who leverage everything you love against you. Going over your mental state of mind should those events transpire is critical in increasing the likelihood of your survival during these most desperate times.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.