Why You Should Recognize Verbal Jabs but Not React

Verbal jabs are comments which hint on a weakness, misdoing, or sensitive topic of yours.

These comments are meant to elicit a response of revenge or anger by design, and are typically effective in doing so. The potency of verbal jabs stems from the fact that they are often implicit in how they’re delivered. It takes some thought to figure out the true meaning of a well-placed and painful comment from another. Your anger will be delayed, which in itself will put you at a disadvantage should you want to respond to a particular comment made by the other.

This article will attempt to establish a case for not reacting to comments of this type, but learning to quickly recognize them.

Becoming proficient at recognizing times when people resort to hurtful comments which are delivered in an implicit manner will serve to help you navigate your interaction with those people. Implicit comments can quickly turn into explicit ones should you act in reactive ways.

An overarching goal of your day-to-day interactions should be to limit confrontation. Reacting to verbal jabs from others is dangerous because guilt is typically placed on the person who reacted after the fact. Implicit verbal jabs are not obvious in their ability to hurt to people judging from afar. Your reaction to them however, is what will be noticed by witnesses all around.


There Are No Winners If You Do Not React

There is a competitive aspect to the exchange of verbal jabs in people. These comments start off rather innocent and quickly shape themselves into a painful war of words if egos on both sides remain unchecked. Should you not react to the initial comment someone makes in attempts to elicit a reaction, there will be no winners.

Winners are measured by the presence of competition, and if you refuse to compete, no winners will be crowned. The people sending verbal jabs your way will have scratched an itch they had within them and may ruin their image in the process. Even if their jabs go unnoticed by those around, you’ll now know the processes that exist within their psyche. You will know that they are capable of sending negativity your way, and you’ll have that information to embed into your future plans.

Verbal jabs may be subtle in their delivery, but their presence should tell you that the person who’s delivering these jabs sees you as a threat. They are bothered by aspects of your behavior which they would look foolish for explicitly pointing out.

These thoughts of theirs are generally driven by envy. When people are bothered by something others find appealing about your actions, they will never explicitly address their pain. Know that you’ve gotten under their skin and do not react to the verbal jabs which come your way. Remember them, keep them in store, and predict future behavior with the information these verbal jabs provide.


Incriminate by Ignoring

Your act of ignoring verbal jabs from others will entice them to turn these jabs into full-blown swings. You’ll give birth to the desire for others to make these jabs more obvious, and thereby increase their chances of being exposed for their negative behavior.

Ignoring others is a powerful tool in psychological warfare, as you’re essentially making your opponent compete with their own demons. Their true opinions of you will yearn to be recognized by anyone. They will thirst for validation. If not you, then those around you will need to hear the negativity which exists inside their minds.

Remain calm and composed throughout it all, while watching their negativity pour out into the world. Let the world around you deal with punishing their words, and do not place yourself in a position to be punished. Do not instigate in the face of receiving verbal jabs. Maintain your composure and your expression of kindness. Plan your next move and think your true thoughts without anyone having a clue.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.