How Cursed Disagreeable Narcissists Really Are

The reluctance to apologize for things done wrong is a bitter character trait. A person achieves narcissistic status when that reluctance grows into blatant refusal.

This article is about the self-sabotaging traps of constant narcissistic disagreement.

The ones who understand agreement to signal loss and argument to signal triumph blindly curse their own existence. Their mode of operation leeches off their narcissistic thoughts. Their personal freedoms matter more than yours, and their personal rights surpass lessons in humility and objective rules of law.

These people will disrespect what’s sacred. They will frame their lies as righteousness, and will present falsehoods to combat any evidence you collect. They’ll either go to war or be ignored, and ignoring them makes them feel as though they’ve won the war.

Find Peace in Knowing What’s in Store

Disagreeable narcissists are rewarded only in the short-term for their stubborn and selfish ways. They’re junkies to the moment; slaves to poisonous pride. A narcissist finds comfort in the optics of emotional and argumentative victory. They are bullies who push well-intentioned people away by going to war for stances built on lack of evidence, deception, and lies.

To them, the quality of their foundation bears no thought. They are people who’ll challenge the more experienced, the more knowledgeable, the more righteous, and the more noble.

What is in store for them?

Well, it’s safe to assume that you’re not special as a victim of a narcissistic mind. There were, and will be others. An abrasive existence doesn’t pick its battles; and a narcissistic life is quite abrasive. An individual who thinks they’re always right on issues that really matter will double down until reality can no longer be misled.

They will lie, they will tweak, they will cover, they will ignore. These people will look out for themselves and no one else until their version of events can no longer be believed. They’ll rack up victims and their behavior will be reinforced to the point of self-destruction.

Disagreeable narcissists don’t occupy one state of being right. In any path there’s progress and considering oneself to be most right leads to seeing all others as inferior.

Only one of few thoughts can bring peace in being victimized by lying, abusive narcissists. That thought involves believing in the effects of constant abrasion. A narcissist will grind their experience down to a state of all out war. Their lies will enslave their souls to the act of covering and keeping up. They will always have to check, to look around, and to see who’s really watching. They’ll be unable to connect by never letting up or giving in. They’ll never breathe and let go of the desire to convince themselves that they hold power.

The Admission of Mistakes Is a Prerequisite To Power

The fallacy a narcissist grows to believe is that power over people is obtained by forceful means. They forget it’s not sheep but people that they’re dealing with. The admission of mistakes is a primary indicator of dedication toward true growth.

One can only be respected when they grow in real and authentic ways. There are no lessons without the admission that you don’t know, that you’ve not learned, and that you’re weak. There are no teachers when you show your back to those who tell you how things are. There is no love without voluntary sacrifice.

The disagreeable narcissist is allergic to all things growth because they avoid responsibility for their mistakes. Even if they admit mistakes to themselves at night, they remain weak in the objective world. They will attain no followers nor respect for thinking they’re always right. They’ll fail to step up ladders because they’re unwilling to reach down and help up those stuck beneath. They are seen as selfish actors that take more than contribute by those on rungs above. The narcissist will suffer through abrasion until time unveils the reality of an existence that grinds them down.

A sad sight is one of a narcissist whom reality has beaten down. Their wrinkles are somehow deeper, and their bones somehow hurt more. A disagreeable narcissist will end up crippled by endless wars. They’ll twitch at any light that shines on their mistakes and will stare at beauty with furrowed envy.

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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.