How to Use Death to Your Advantage

You’ll read through various tips and tricks to help you start work now and invest in your future. All of which are short-term solutions to a fundamental misdirection of motivation. Stop attaching your motivation to things that do not matter. People, and everything else, will come and go – in and out of your life many times over. If you have not gotten used to that by now, life does not fail in teaching this lesson to all.

Do not attach your motivation to do work to a version of yourself you aim to be. Life is the most unpredictable and the most random, as all unpredictable things and random events are part of life. Life will shred your expectations quickly, and can leave you with nothing but visions of yourself you failed to meet. It is a good and happy thing to accept these truths, don’t view them through lenses of gloom. No expectation, no vision, just you and the present moment.


If remembering death does not stop you from procrastinating, nothing will. The culture you live in downplays death. It hides it from the mainstream and from public conversation. We are forced to deal with this certain reality on our own, in bed laying awake while contemplating the death of our closest ones. Look in the mirror and remember: the one looking back at you will be as dead as the ones under the gravestones you see while avoiding the shortcut through the cemetery. Remember that we live our lives with a feeling of limitless opportunity, while forgetting that we have a limited pool of hours to spend on this unlimited sea of ventures.

Narrow your vision in life, and have death watch over everything you do. Limit your options, and appreciate the ventures of others without trying to mimic them all. You will never do it all. Focus on the thing before you and feel death breathing down your neck.

Do things with desperation, as you never know when you’ll cease to exist. The ones who died didn’t call the time and place. Understanding this can only lead to desperate action. Read with desperation, write with desperation, and act with it as well.

Procrastinating is laughing in the face of death, as if to challenge its course of nature. Never forget that you live on death’s watch – a fact most learn when the ticks begin to slow. 

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