Why You Should Be Charitable With Your Knowledge

People will want in on your intellectual property and unique ideas, if they’re any good.

They will ask you questions about what they perceive you to be good at and you’ll need to make a decision of how much you tell them.

You may hold some information closer to heart than other less important knowledge, and may not want to expose information which gives you a competition advantage over others. Other times, you may deem someone to be undeserving of knowing what you worked hard to learn.

This article will argue for the dissemination of your full knowledge if it is asked of you, as long as it does not directly put you or others in harm’s way.

Being charitable with what you know has effects which are easy to overlook when we feel a competitive desire to hold onto information that only we possess. Questions will run through your mind about how the information you’re about to give will benefit the person asking, and how it will be of detriment to you.

Placing such importance on the information that you possess stunts your intellectual growth by forcing you to always keep tabs on your knowledge. Be lenient with the knowledge you posses, and focus on discovering new lessons in the world around you. Below are two reasons why you should be charitable with your knowledge from a self-improvement perspective.


By Improving Others (Even Enemies) You’ll Improve Yourself

People will ask you for your knowledge when they expect it to improve their understanding of the world around them. They’ll ask you questions on how you achieved success, and what your thoughts are on various aspects of life.

Be willing to make people better through the knowledge that you spread, and do not hold it hostage inside one single mind. By improving others you’ll improve your ability to develop new knowledge and test your prior ideas against what is true. You’ll be challenged at times, and will wonder why you bothered letting your information out to others. Do not be discouraged, and keep improving the way you think and interact with those around you.

If you are worried that the information which you give will put you in a competitive disadvantage against your enemies, it very well may do exactly that. Putting yourself in a disadvantage by telling others your secrets is a difficult and scary feeling to accept. You’ll place yourself in a vulnerable position and will need to grow from there to remain competitive. By expressing your secrets to your enemies you’ll force yourself to always focus on what’s ahead.

Competition is an ever-evolving realm, and what works for you may change quickly, thereby let your mind roam free and force it to develop something new. Place yourself in a position to develop new secrets, new methods, and new tactics by letting go of your old ones. Even if you let them out to your enemies, the confidence you show by doing that will mean that you trust the process which got you to the position which you’re in.

By sharing what you know, you’ll improve the many skills that involve with the successful adoption of your ideas by those around you. You’ll need to package your thoughts into concise patterns of speech and writing. You’ll need to know how to vocalize your ideas to an audience in a manner which is understood, and your ideas will improve by doing so. You will not only improve the skills by which your ideas become adopted, but you’ll improve the ideas themselves by realizing which aspects of them are important to others and which are not.


Having Nothing Left Will Make You Build

Trust the fact that by letting go of your most-prized intellectual possessions, you’ll create new ones which are prudent and more powerful. Allow your enemies to know what’s on your mind, and focus on consistently developing new things to think about and tactics to utilize. They will always be a step behind by focusing on what you know if what you know is in an ever-growing state. Go back to basics by sharing what puts you ahead.

Work to get back to the same place you’re in with new and improved ideas, and consistently refresh the process. Think about the exercise of sharing your ideas as cleaning and organizing your mental hard drive.

Force yourself to clean the clog out of your mind and organize what’s truly important. Allow yourself to be in a position of desperation by telling the world what secrets place you ahead of others. You’ll be thrown back into the norm by sharing your unique ideas with the average. Then, it will be time to stand out from the norm once more, but this time you’ll be better at it.


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Disclaimer of Opinion: This article is presented only as opinion. It does not make any scientific, factual, or legal claims. Please critically analyze all claims made and independently decide on its validity.