Why You Shouldn’t Benefit off Vulnerable People

In a world where many people are struggling to survive, some individuals see an opportunity to exploit their misfortune. These malicious opportunists prey on the vulnerable, offering them false promises, deceptive products, or unethical services. They may seem to have good intentions, but their ultimate goal is to benefit off the pain and suffering of others. This article exposes the dark reality of this phenomenon and explains why it is morally wrong to take advantage of the vulnerable. It also provides some tips on how to avoid falling victim to these predators and how to help those who are in need.

Why There’s Benefit to Framing the Immediate As the Past

This article aims to express the importance of viewing today’s happenings with the perspective that time away from them provides. In hopefully helping you attain an even perspective on today’s hardships, this information may also help you manage others in stressful times.  A difficult, lengthy wooded trail becomes less intimidating once you’ve hiked it through.  … Read more

How to Introduce Nuance to Popular Ideologies / Trends You Disagree With

This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to challenge opinions and introduce nuance to popular ideas that one may disagree with. By studying the landscape and identifying the silent majority, readers will learn how to develop a more iterative approach to bolster their thinking.

The article emphasizes the importance of utilizing those who are part of the silent majority wisely and how granularity can be a powerful tool to achieve nuanced thinking. Finally, readers will discover how aligning themselves with groups or labels can help them find common ground with others and get everyone on the same page.

Why Victims of Oppression Grow More Loving

This article is a warning to oppressors of any kind; victims of your oppression are sensitive to empathy, and will (strongly) bond over it.  The tale of giving when one’s got nothing left to give is universally poignant. It preaches hope to the hopeless by containing an important lesson about love. The lesson contained defines … Read more