Why You Should Thoroughly Analyze Your Own Interests

In attempts to know what people want during a particular moment in time, you should first aim to understand what you would want in that situation yourself. The obvious way to do that, would be to, “put yourself in someone else’s shoes;” a notion which can be extended to mean: an effort to become the person you […]

Why You’re Not a Chef If You Simply Like Cooking

The title of this article alludes to people who take on a new identity prematurely. These people partake in a hobby for some time, and begin to consider themselves as closely aligned with others who have much more experience in that specified domain. Some people consider themselves boxers after three months of classes, and call […]

How to Entice Fruitful Conversations to Take Place

As you begin to read this article, your attention climbs into the cold bed that is this page. At this point, your focus is easy to divert. A loud sound can shift your gaze away from this sentence, and a bright flash can do the trick as well. Your seat may not be as comfortable […]

How to Make Gossip About You Invalid

In a professional environment, protecting your reputation should be a priority. Most would think of protecting their reputation in a direct way, by directly tackling external attacks on it with logical arguments and responses. Attacks on reputation however, are seldom sourced from logical reasons. Figuring out why there are attacks on your reputation and why […]

Why Your Tone Matters

Learning to master your tone of voice will help you get away with a lot in life. The tone with which you speak is more understood by your listener than the words you’re saying. In critical moments of our day, we can lose control of the tone which we speak with. The changes in our tone are […]

Why You Should Reward Others’ Effort

Effort is the currency exchanged for skill. Should you come across those who are not skilled in what they’re attempting to do, analyze the effort they put into becoming skilled in that domain. The path toward becoming skillful is not pretty or fun. People fail, people misstep, and people fall off of cliffs to get […]

How to Discover Where Others Draw the Line

The people we interact with tend to have varying limits of how much discomfort they can withstand. They may have more patience in certain domains, and less in others. They may expect people to apologize for things you wouldn’t think twice about, and may get upset over what you thought to be mundane behavior. The […]

Why Having the Right “Enemies” Can Benefit You

The word, “enemies,” will be used to represent those who serve to oppose someone else’s personal truth in a forceful manner. The truths they oppose can be related to business, politics, or everyday social interaction. Enemies develop when their battle for what they believe truth to be, begins to negatively affect our work or well being. […]

How to Leverage Your Success Against the Failures of Others

The failures of your competitors can act as springboards for your success, but only if you play your cards right. The product you develop will be propelled toward success if your competitor’s product crumbles under negative reviews. The colleague you’re up against for a promotion will say the wrong thing at an important meeting, opening […]

How to Handle, and Grow From, Hateful Criticism

Producing something of value to many, elicits comments from a select few. The numbers increase as the population you reach grows. Some people will be praiseful, others will critique. Some critics, understand which aspects of your output they should critique and which ones they shouldn’t. Malicious critics though, will select aspects about your output to critique which […]