How to Deal With a Manipulative Coworker

The workplace, especially a competitive corporate environment, is no stranger to some people’s sociopathic tendencies. It seems that corporate environments allow manipulative individuals to practice their “skill” of having their way with others without being punished. They may even see benefit to acting manipulatively in the workplace. In an effort to meet targets and gain a favorable impression from higher ups, people often resort to devious ways. They set up their colleagues to take blame for mistakes, and squeeze every ounce of effort from their subordinates whilst posing as if they care for their well-being. Manipulative behavior is difficult toContinue reading

How to Treat People Who’ve Let You Down

The feeling of being let down by those who we’ve put our trust in, is more disappointing than it is angering. The disappointment comes from expecting your reality to play out in a way which it does not. The closer you are to the person who has let you down, the more disappointing it is. The specifics of the letdown can be labelled as secondary in importance to who it was that let you down. Some letdowns can motivate you to reanalyze where someone stands in your perception of who you call close. Some let downs can motivate you to unhinge from,Continue reading

Why You Should Hear People Out in Full

You’ll meet people who know less than you in certain facets. The people you interact with may not know that you used to study the piano as a child, and just how wrong they are in their discourse of music theory. Some may not have any idea that you’re in fact a skilled computer coder while they attempt to teach you what you already know. People share knowledge for a variety of returns they perceive to benefit themselves. Some may share knowledge for financial reward, some may enjoy the pride of being seen as knowledgeable, and some thoroughly attempt toContinue reading

Why You Should Talk About Dreams With Strangers

The dreams we dream at night is information that often stays private with us and is information which we protect from the judgement of others. We see our dreams as uncontrollable instances in our day, a view which births a sort of fear that surrounds the topic. We fear of telling stories about our nightly dreams because they may reveal private information about us. You may have dreams of your crush reciprocating your level of love towards them, or you may have dreams about close family members getting into a violent car crash. Dreams have always been viewed as having an otherworldlyContinue reading

Why You Should Be Careful Establishing Someone’s Excellent Reputation

If given a choice of whom to spend time with, people would generally pick the person who is over-complimentary rather than someone who is cynical and perhaps hateful. Expressing positive thoughts about someone else, in turn, makes us feel good too. There’s something to be said for positivity making its way back around to the person who’s given birth to it. Striving to find the good in those who surround you is a good trait to adopt. This article is about the well-meaning attempt at improving someone else’s reputation via complimentary ways. Our attempts at exhibiting genuine kindness can sometimesContinue reading

our friends can limit our growth, how should we handle these situations?

How to Deal With Friends Who Hold You Back

The friendships you develop in life will help you in many aspects of it. Apart from our primal need to seek comradery and social connection, friendships also contribute to our personal growth. The friends you develop in the professional realm will allow you to take advantage of opportunities you may not have had access to alone. Friends help us when we experience difficult life events, and can serve to connect us with others whom we go onto call our friends. Your friends in life form the social setting into which you fall. Being pulled into a social circle by the onesContinue reading

Why You Should Tell People Their Cooking Tastes Good

It is uncomfortable being witness to a husband telling his wife that the mashed potatoes she cooked are bland and unflavored. Perhaps you’ve been invited to a friend’s home where the mood at the dining room table was ruined by a remark such as the one above. The husband in this scenario would be operating in a brutal and socially inconsiderate manner. He’d be shortsighted to the effects of his remarks, whilst he finds himself on a mission to have his critiques heard. This article hopes to motivate you to tell people that their cooking tastes good, even if thereContinue reading

forcing others to listen to what you say can lead to regret and unintended consequences, it will stifle beauty, and force tremendous responsibility on your shoulders

Why You Can’t Force Others to Listen

Disclaimer: This article offers no practical methods or strategic/situational advice. It is written to be a motivational piece which hopefully encourages a shift in overall perspective. To avoid your disappointment, please be aware there is limited pragmatic, actionable advice contained below. One of the more painful realizations of life is that sometimes, no matter how right what you say turns out to be, it will be ignored by others when you say it. Being ignored when you are passionate about the message you’re sending feels like throwing punches at a wall. With every word you say you’ll further hurt yourself ratherContinue reading

Why Communication Can Only Be Artistic If It Is Useful First

This article is about day-to-day communication you partake in. It is not about creative writing, speech giving, or any other form of artistic expression.   You’ll notice people get motivated to infuse their day-to-day communication with artistic flare. They’ll break out the thesaurus whilst writing their average email at work, and will almost rhyme their order at the local coffee place. In an attempt to make ordinary communication a little less boring, they’ll attempt to stand out from the crowd by fusing art into something meant to be functional. This article is written to remind you that it’s okay toContinue reading

How to Handle Being Subjected to a Crying Baby on a Plane

Being forced to listen to something you don’t want to be listening to is a good way for you to either lose patience or practice increasing it. A crying baby on a long flight is one of those moments which forces us to listen to something we don’t want to be listening to. The ear piercing screeches coming from a surprisingly small body can make us act out in emotional ways, and serve to ruin our flight experience. This article will advise you on how to handle being subjected to a baby’s cries thirty thousand feet in the air. Keep inContinue reading