How to Deal With People Who Fake Being Interested in You

Much like the people reading articles like these, there are others learning about ways to make people like them.   As the education and advocacy of proper social skills becomes widespread, there will be people who seek to abuse what they learn. The methods they learn and employ vary in effectiveness and scope. The ones […]

Why You Shouldn’t Shame the Owners of Bad Ideas

This article is written from the context of agreeing to action an idea someone else proposed, only for things to not play out as planned. Just as not all of our own ideas are perfect, the people around you will propose improperly thought out plans. We sometimes find ourselves being let down after agreeing to abide […]

Why You Shouldn’t Look for Holes in a Curious Student’s Exploration

You’ll be tasked with teaching others in life. As time keeps ticking, you’ll gradually morph from being a consistent student to an occasional teacher. You’ll then become the consistent teacher and occasional student. Though the wise are students until the day they die, they see value in teaching others what they’ve learned.  Your students will […]

How to Deal With Friends Who Hold You Back

The friendships you develop in life will help you in many aspects of it. Apart from our primal need to seek comradery and social connection, friendships also contribute to our personal growth. The friends you develop in the professional realm will allow you to take advantage of opportunities you may not have had access to alone. […]

How to Court Attention by Omitting Information

People around you use a variety of techniques to have their voices be heard. Some speak louder when others’ attention falters, and others rely on subtlety to entice those around them to listen more attentively. This article is about one method in attaining the attention of those around you. The more methods of garnering attention that […]

How to Handle People Who Pry Into Your Sensitivities

Disclaimer: This article is intended to be an aid to regular civilian interaction. It is not legal advice. Combative interviews are birthed when someone is out to prove a point with a series of agenda-driven, prying questions. We often have a general sense of when someone’s out to “get us” by asking us leading questions which seek to get […]

Why Narcissists Tend to Complain a Lot

Portraying oneself as the hero and victim of every story is a tough thing to constantly keep up. A narcissist thereby, has an active imagination. In their attempts to perfectly frame themselves in every situation of life, they tend to be vocal when they’re left standing at the edge of life’s photograph. They’ll come up […]

Why You Shouldn’t Over-Advertise Your Credentials

Do you put your credentials in the footer of every email that you send? If you do, or know others who do, have you ever analyzed the purpose of advertising one’s credentials? What are the ones advertising the letters representing what they’ve studied aiming to achieve when they advertise their presence? It may seem that […]

How to Deal With Hearing Gossip About Your Friends

Awkward moments arise when we are placed in a position of hearing gossip about our friends. In instances when the people gossiping are not aware their gossip is about someone you’re close with, you can be exposed to some harsh truths. The truths you are exposed to can be how others truly feel about your […]